Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 7

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 7

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+Page 2


This is bad.

Even though we had prepared everything possible before leaving town, but

We forgot to buy a map…..

Oh that’s right, Fel!?

Are there any specific places you want to go?

Hmm… How about heading West?

There’s a lot of tasty monsters in the Western forest.

+Page 3

West? What kind of kingdom exist there?

I don’t know.

Who cares?

“Who cares?”

How could you say such a thing……?

That is a very important matter.

What if there’s a war happening there?

Why should I care about humans fighting each other?

Besides, where there’s humans, there’s war. That’s already a fact.

It’s true that a legendary being like him wouldn’t care about things like war.

It would only waste my time asking Fel about human things.

+Page 4

For now, let’s just follow the main road.

This may lead us to a town.

It seems that no matter which world we’re in, there will always be war between kingdoms.

RayShell also told me about the war with their neighboring kingdom.

During my journey, I need to find out more

About different countries in this world.

I wish I had a map……

It would be much better to know about the next town we’re going to……

+Page 5

Hey Fel.

It was thanks to you that we gathered so many ingredients today, so I’ll let you pick our dinner.

What do you want to eat?

If I can choose, then it would definitely be



As I thought.

Let’s see…… which meals can be eaten quickly…..

How about fried chicken with Menchikatsu……?


+Page 6


We eat yet?


That’s disgusting. You’re drooling all over the place!

The food will be available soon, just be patient.

Wow, it’s still warm.

It feels like it was newly made.

+Page 7

Done, Let’s eat.

Earth’s fast food combination.

+Page 8

It’s good!

The meat looks weird, I’ve never seen this before! But it’s good!

These tiny pieces of meat……

Are delicious!

In the meantime, I’ll prepare the main course……

+Page 9

Monster meat’s flavor is quite tasty.

But there’s too much nutrition in it so it’s difficult to balance the amount.

If you want the best quality meat then you should eat this.

I’m getting super hyped! Japan’s national treasure, Extra-large Kuroge Wagyu beef!

How’s this for an epic meal!?

So small…..

Hey, don’t put it on the same level as monster’s meat.

These 250 grams of meat cost me 2 silver coins.


+Page 10


How could it be so soft.

Extremely delicious!

Is that so?

I’ve already known that its quality is without equal!


But, do people in your world raise animals for their meat?


It’s pretty normal, you know………

Are those things not common here?

There’s no need.

In this world, monsters are everywhere.

You can get more than enough supplies just by hunting them.

+Page 11

I see……

So breeding is not necessary here.

But does the meat taste better if you raise them like that?

The food in your world is pretty unique.

Well that’s true.

In my country, there’s more than one kind of food specialty.

For example, even without any traveling experience.

You can taste nearly all of the food in the world.

So that’s why you can cook so well.

Actually, that is thanks to “Online Market”.

+Page 12

Phew, I’m so full.


It was really good, but….

I had actually noticed it before, but it seems like your food also raises stats.

But today’s meal is something different.

It wouldn’t be a draw if I ran into that ancient dragon again with my current stats, I could defeat him easily.

Eh, raising stats……


+Page 13


I forgot that using ingredients from “Online Market” can tremendously boost someone’s power!

We usually eat monster’s meat so the stat raising isn’t that significant.

But all the food I made today is originated from “Online Market”.

Fe-Fel san?

Could you let me check your stats for a bit?

+Page 14

{Name} Fel

{Age} 1014

{Race} Fenrir

{Lvl} 906

{Strength} 9843 (+5118)

{Magic} 9481 (+4550)

{Attack} 9036 (+4518)

{Defense} 9765 (+4394)

{Agility} 9684 (+4551)

It raised all 5 stats…..

+Page 15

It must be because of the effect of “Online Market”.

But if I remember correctly, these boosts are just temporary, it will soon go back to normal after a period of time…..


My power is overwhelming, I’m feeling a little stuffy.

I’ll go and do a little bit of hunting.

Hey wait a minute!

It’s night-time you know!?

I might get attacked if you’re not here-

+Page 16

With a barrier like this, you won’t lose a single hair even against a dragon.


I’m off, goodbye.

+Page 17

He’s gone…..

Crap! It’s too dark!

I need light!

So Fel has the ability to shine in the dark…..

That’s pretty convenient to venture at night.

+Page 18

It may take him a while to cool off that large amount of energy.

I guess I’ll go to sleep first.


+Page 19


Portable sleeping bag.

(green cover cushion : limited edition).

Gah, who knew sleeping could be this interesting.

So comfortable.

I have faith in Fel’s



+Page 24

Ah…. What a good sleep…..

It feels wayyy better sleeping in this…..

Orc King

Metal Lizard

Blue Ogre

+Page 25



What’s with this pile of dead bodies!?


Ah, well I was a little too excited last night.

So I went a bit overboard.

A bit, eh……

Orc King….. Does this mean he’s the king of the Orcs?

Well I ran into him when I was passing by an orc’s village.

They suddenly jumped at me so I annihilated them swiftly…..

Swiftly…… How many?

About 150 of them.

What about this Ogre? Does it taste good?

Too much tendon, bad meat.

But humans tend to use armor made from its skin.


+Page 26

Oh, that’s a Chimera……

Very delicious.

It used to take me a lot of effort to put it down, but I killed it in 1 hit yesterday.

Being able to make Fel say that……. He must be a formidable being……

A terrifying creature like this….. Will I be able to sell it…..

And it can even be stored indefinitely in my “Item Box”.

It seems we have to be more careful when finding ingredients next time.

Oi, I’m hungry, let’s make breakfast.


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