Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 8

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 8

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+Page 1

To remember magic spells, I have to face terrifying foes…..

+Page 2

Ah- I’m finally done.
How could you even wipe 3 mountains of all the monsters in 1 night…..?
Speaking of which, I’ve never actually seen Fel’s fighting form.
He has always gone and hunted on his own….
Hey Fel, how do you normally fight? Do you bite them to death?
Nope, I don’t have that much free time to bite every one of those weaklings.

+Page 3

I also have claws and magic, you know.
And wind magic is one of my strengths.
Whoaa! You can use real magic!
What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t you know that the barrier I created earlier is a magic spell too?
I know that but that was invisible so I didn’t actually feel any different….
*It’s a bit glowy
I’m more excited in that other magic spell of yours.
I wonder can I be able to use that too?

+Page 4

Everyone can as long as you have a magic source.
If that’s the case then I actually have one here, see…?
*it’s above average too
*[Magic] 100
Is this okay? How do I use this?
You think about what you want and simply use it.
*simply use it?
Chanting the incantation is enough to use a wind spell like mine.
The same goes for fire magic.

+Page 5

Gah…..What kind of genius does he think I am…..?
So does he mean that I can just imagine a spell I want to use and simply use it?
About a fire….. if it’s fire magic, then……
Magic….. Fireball…..
This is it!!

+Page 6

So embarrassing…..
What do you think you’re doing?
How can you cast a magic spell if you don’t circulate the magic flow around your body?
Eh? Circulate magic…?
What do you mean?
It’s hard to explain in words.

Just touch me and sense the magic flow circulating around my body.
Then feel for yourself.

+Page 7

Sense it, huh…..
Can it really help me feel that easily…?
I can feel something really warm running inside….
Is this….?

You feel it now?

A little bit, but….

Then try using it now.

I see.

Okay, I’ll try!

+Page 8

My magic source.

A flow…. of magic.

….I can finally feel something.

This is the circulation of my magic flow….

This is just like the veins in my body.



All right….. I think I got it.


And imagine…..

+Page 9



A-at least this doesn’t count as a failure, right…?

This one counts, doesn’t it….?
From that day on, I try my best to practice.

*Hey, it’s overcooked!!

After 3 straight day of extreme magic circulation training.

+Page 10

Today will be the day I make it.

I can do this…. All I need is to focus….


This is big enough…. Now…..


+Page 11


It’s so weak….

You still couldn’t do it even after all this training…..
Maybe you should try using it in combat.

Instead of focusing too much on normal practice, applying it into real life combat could be beneficial for you.
Combat…. You mean fighting with real monsters?

I can’t even use a sword.
Then how could I use magic to fight against real monsters.
And I’m not really a fan of getting injured….
It’s scary…

+Page 12

You cowardly fool.

Just go and do it.
Hey wait a moment!
It’s impossible! I told you I can’t do t t h h i i i i i i i s s!
That goblin is a perfect target to practice your magic, isn’t it?
You keep talking about practicing my magic, but….

+Page 13

This is completely hopeless…..
It’ll be fine, go on.
Well, I can do it if there’s only 1 of them, but have you seen how many of them there are!?
You’re such a wimp.
If you’re still hesitating, then I’ll do it myself.

+Page 14

They noticed us!
Now you have no other choice but to fight.
Start casting your spells one after another and your body will automatically get used to it.
Now, I also have some business to discuss with those Goblin chiefs.
Hey, don’t just leave me here like that!!

+Page 15

Damnit–! I will remember this!
Take this!
Good, it’s working!
Now all I need to do is to keep my distance.

And continue firing at…..!?

+Page 16

Falling at a time like this….!
I have to…..

+Page 17

A barrier!

I’m saved….!
*I’m scared

+Page 18

I have to continue firing my spells.

+Page 19


*gya gya gya*

*gya gya*

+Page 20

How about this…..!

+Page 21

I did it….
Now that was the size I was expecting
This isn’t good… I’m exhausted….
There are still so many goblins….
I knew you can do it.

+Page 22

I leave the rest….

To you….
The gobliiiiiiiiins.
Oh, so you’re awake now.

+Page 23

How was it? Real life fighting is fun, right?
Speak for yourself!!
Now I might get nightmares from all that experience!
What are you talking about? That last fireball was really good.
To be able to reach that level, you should thank me for that.
But you can at least let a beginner like me fight 1 or 2 goblins at first, you know.
That’s how it should be.

And you suddenly tossed me in the middle of a goblin nest….
I can’t allow my master to keep using a low-level spell like that.

+Page 24

Oh, I almost forget, your level increased too.
Eh? Really!?
*[Level] 3
*My fire ability level is raised in the status board too.
Ah, and there’s also this.
The goblin chief!?

+Page 25

This one even has a magic stone.

Maybe it’s worth a large amount of money, I’d guess?
Goblin can’t be used as food.

But I thought it might be useful somehow so I brought him here.
A monster of this level might sometimes possess a magic stone.
That’s great.
A magic stone can be sold for a large amount of money, am I correct?
Ah, yes.
Then maybe a reward with meals made from other world’s ingredients is fine, right?

+Page 26

Don’t tell me….. you’re addicted to that kuroge wagyu beef?
I had some money left to exchange for those ingredients at that time.

But how can I exchange these monsters for money at a place like this?
Hmm….. I guess it can’t be helped, just make whatever you want, I’m getting hungry.
Guess I should start cooking then…..
I can’t move my body…. So this is what you get when you run out of magic….
This is because of all the fireballs I cast at those goblins…..

+Page 27

*confirm purchase
When you’re out of energy
You have to eat something sweet.
It smells weird….

This isn’t meat?
How can you let me cook after all that exhaustion caused by fighting with the goblins?

+Page 28

Ah—I feel like absorbing it into my body.

This one.
Sweet and soft, and it’s even sweeter inside.
Whoa, there’s milk in this, and its taste is so good.
They’re so good!
Give me another one.
Hey—I guess you like sweets, eh…?
But eating too much of these can cause you diabetes and tooth decay.

Then you won’t be able to eat meat anymore.
Mhmm, I don’t have to worry about any illness.

+Page 29

Eh? Why?
The protection of Wind Goddess Ninrir.
Thanks to that, all diseases are useless to me.
And my extremely strong wind magic is also because of it.

Getting a God’s protection can negate any abnormal status.

+Page 30

That’s the power of the Gods.

So basically, I can’t get sick.
Th-that’s incredible….
The God’s protection.
That’s kind of cheating.
And Fel himself is strong even without the God’s protection.
Aren’t I the one who truly needs protecting?
Please Gods.
Send me your protection–.
*See you in the next chapter

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