Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 9

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 9

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+Page 1



A demon!            It’s a wolf demon!

Everybody move.

Out of the way!

Stay where you are!

Oh jeez….. you guys are misunderstanding….

This is just my beast companion…..

+Page 2

Chapter 9: We got a world map, but…..

+Page 3


So it really is your companion….

Is it a Great Wolf?

It’s impressive for a greenhorn like you to own a class-A companion.


Haha, It was just my luck.



It will be more convenient for us if they consider you a Great Wolf….

Then traveling around here will be much easier….

I am not a Great wolf.


+Page 4

Huh? What’s wrong?

Ah, it’s nothing…..

Well, the fact that you are raising a Great Woof has already caused a ruckus.

You should pay more attention to this when you visit other cities.


*it really is a Great Wolf*

*so amazing*

Ah, I understand…..

How many times do I have to repeat that I am not a Great Wolf?

This is telepathy, which can be used to mentally communicate with the person I sign the contract to.

That’s my first time hearing it.

Yeah, I almost forgot about this too.

So you can hear my thoughts too.


+Page 5

What’s the matter? Are you even listening?

Ah sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment.

You need to listen carefully.

It’s okay if the beast has already signed a contract, but….

If any problem occurs, you will be the one responsible, got it?

If any major loss or casualty happens, you can be sentenced to death or slavery.

So pay close attention to your companion’s behavior.


This sounds scary.

So human rights are being taken so lightly in this world.

I understand…..

+Page 6

This city is so big.

Maybe in here, we can actually….

Ears and a tail….. a beastman?

So this is truly a fantasy world.


They’re all wearing the same collar, are they slaves?


+Page 7


*it can talk*

I’m hung-


Ah–! I’m so hungry!

*how can a demon even speak, I must be dreaming*

*maybe I misheard it*

I spent all that time convincing them that you’re a Great Wolf!

So stop speaking in public!

Ah, got it…. But I’m hungry….

I already knew that, but you have to consider your behavior.

If they find out you are Fenrir, this whole country and its nobles will take actions, and the situation will be even more troublesome.

If that happens, I can just wipe them all out, right?

+Page 8

Then there will be no place for us to go.

They will all gather around and hunt you down.

*No Fenrir

So annoying…. But I guess you do have a point.

But more importantly.

We’ve finally arrived at such a big city like this one….

And a map is such an important object for our journey!

So let’s go and find one!

*Abandoned at home*

Page 9

I’ve spent all day and I still got nothing….

Jeez… why can’t I find any of them…?


Magic introduction for everyone?

This is my kind of book.

*it’s not a map, but…

Excuse me, how much is this?

+Page 10

7 gold coins.

Eek, that expensive!?

It equals 8 days of lodging.

This book is made out of paper, not leather.

So don’t you think that price is quite reasonable?


It is pages made out of demon’s skins.

Paper is lighter and thinner, so they are much more expensive.


This looks just like cow’s leather.

By the way, do you have any maps here….?

Those kind of things won’t be sold in stores like this, you know.

There goes my last hope….

+Page 11

Jeez, I wish I knew someone of higher position here.

Wenner-san from “Iron Will” also had a map if I remember correctly.

I should’ve asked him where he bought that thing.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll just have to look for information here.

Excuse me, there’s something I want to ask.

Is it fine with you guys?

Huh? Who the hell are you…?

Ehm, can we have another round, please?

+Page 12

Oho, you’re quite the one to talk, young man.

If it’s your treat then it’s fine with us.

So what do you want to know?

Well… I’m a traveling merchant, but I’m new to this kind of job.

So I want to gather some information about this country from adventurers like you.

Hah, that’s easy.

You’ve come to the right place.

Oh… a beastman…. Perharps a tiger?

+Page 13


What are you looking at?

Ah no, I didn’t mean to offend you or something.

This fool.

Don’t you know that it’s a rare occasion in this country to see a beastman who is not a slave?

Shut up!

It’s true that our kind is usually considered low-class slaves…..

….But this country isn’t the worst one yet.


Haven’t you heard about it?

The Gaisula Empire.

The holy kingdom of Lubanof and Sorace kingdom.

In these 3 couuntries, anything that’s not human including elves, beastmen, dwarves…. And anything of that kind will be treated with the utmost cruelty.

+Page 14

Gaisula Empire is a dictatorial monarchy country.

People who oppose the emperor will receive a death sentence, and us beastmen are treated like animals.

The holy kingdom of Lubanof is a religious country that follows supreme humanism, and Sorace is one of their dependants.

Anyone who refuses to believe their dogma will be killed.

Other race’s religions are also considered as heathen and will be suppressed immediately.

In these 3 countries, there’s no other fate for our kind than to be slaves, such a direful sight.

In comparison, the Feenes Kingdom has already gone easy on us.

As least slaves can have a specific amount of rights here.

Such as being paid, even though it’s cheap.

+Page 15

What about Rayseer?

I didn’t see any demis at that country….

Ah- that one….

That place also follows the Lubanof’s humanism.

They don’t even allow demis to enter their territory.

Ever since the current king took the power, that place constantly wages territorial wars.

The wars never end.

And instead of sending humans to those rubbish wars of theirs, he sents the demis to the frontline.

Men are forced to die in battle.

Women become a means of amusement for the nobles.

….This world is so horrible.

+Page 16

Don’t make that kind fo face! There’s still other good places.

The neighboring country of Rayseer, Malbell Kingdom.

It’s our homeland.

There is no discrimination there, so it’s a place worth living….

But not so much for their neighbors.

That’s why there’s still countless of territorial wars…..

Next is Kingdom Elman and Kingdom Leonhart of the East Continent.

There’s also no racial discrimination there, a totally free country.

And their militaries are also extremely powerful, so they never worry about being invaded.

Those two kingdoms also have a close relationship with each other, so the situation is quite peaceful there.

+Page 17

We are on our way to Leonhart.

There’re a lot of dungeons at that place.

It’s a heaven for us adventurers.

A dungeon appeared!

I did consider about those things before, but I would never enter one…..

I still have to consider for my life.

So that means my dream country will be either Elman or Leonhart.

The problem is, which should I pick….?

+Page 18

I wish I had a map right now….

Eh? So you don’t have one with you right now?

Well, I have been looking for one this whole time.

I wish I could have one, no matter how simple it is….


Let me tell you a secret.

+Page 19

We have a spare map.


Here you go.

A close former adventurer friend of mine gave me this when he retired.

I can give this to you if you want.

+Page 20

I think you understand what he means, don’t you?

This thing is really rare since it’s made of paper, so you’ll have a difficult time getting one.

That’s the truth….

I’ll give it for 1 gold coin!

I really want this map, but 1 gold coin is quite a lot…..

But that paper book from earlier was expensive too, so I guess this is quite reasonable….

But since you treat us this round of drinks.

I’ll give you a discount.

How about 8 silver coins?

+Page 21


Then it’s sold!

We have to set off early tomorrow so we’ll just go back now.

Thanks for the story.

And the map too.

No problem.

We’ll be off then.

+Page 22

So I got a map.

I thought I would never find one in this city.

I’m so lucky.

It’s a little worn-out, but that’s not a big problem.

The “Iron Will” and then these guys, they are such nice people.

Now all I have to do is find a suitable route.

+Page 23





Huh? What’s wrong with them?

Hey you guys.

Stop laughing.

That is so mean.

But he’s laughing too.


Do you have a problem with me?

+Page 24


It’s just about that map you bought.

Eh? I won’t sell such a valuable thing, you know.

That’s the same as mine.

I also have a similar one.



+Page 25

By the way.

This thing can be bought at the adventurer guild for 1 silver coin.

They sell this at the guild?

Only 1 silver coin….?

And he actually paid those guys 8 coins, such a fool.

Gaaaah, they tricked me—!

+Page 26

This map is only available at the adventurer guild.

So it’s pretty cheap even though it’s made of paper.

All you have to do is fill in a form, then you’ll be given one of these.

Why didn’t you…..

Tell me about his…..?

The only one who was at fault for that.

Is you.


I guess you have a point….

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