Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 2.3

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 2.3

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Tsuujou Kougeki Ch. 2.3 Translated by Chisui


Page 1 ~

P1 Title1: [Mom’s interview] a thing to be feared….

P1 Title2: Would you like your mom who’s normal attacks are full party double hit attacks?





Page 2 ~

P1 Box1a: A–ah

P1 Box1b: Everyone went home…

P1 Box1 SFX1: *sigh*

P1B1: …to think everyone would be disqualified…

P1 SFX1: *Che*

P1B2a: It would be nice to have someone with an occupation that’s a bit more trustworthy.

P1B2b: For example… a police officer!

P1B3: Fantasy RPG’s don’t have that class!!


P2B1: Ah, geez!! There’s no helping it…

P2 SFX 1: *Shuffle* *Shuffle*


P3B1: I’ll choose someone from the extras so wait a second.

P3 SFX2: *Rustle*

P3 Name 1: Crasod

P3 Name 2: Kaasha

P3 Name 3: Kostoro

P3 Name 4: Iisha

P3 Name 5: Aura

P3 File: Additional members / Shirarase


P4B1: I don’t think there would be anyone who meets all of mom’s standards though…

P4B2: Huh? This person is…





Page 3 ~

P1B1: This girl called Waiz, she’s a sage? Amazing

P1B2: From attack magic to recovery spells…she seems exceptionally skilled

P1B3: Oh my, she really is amazing

P1 Box1 B1: You know when I was a child I also admired mages

P1 Box1 SFX 1: I see..

P1 Box1 B2: Mom, do you also think this sage is OK?


P2B1: But she won’t do…

P2 SFX1: *nod*

P2 SFX2: Hmm?

P2B2: Why not? Ms. Wais is cute and she can also use two types of magic, right?


P3B1: First of all, her comment….

P3 Paper: Comments

P3 Paper Description: If you don’t choose me, I’ll cast consecutive instant death spells on you!

P3B2: The fact that she actually wrote something like this proves she’s dumb.


P4B1a: Those eyes… her personality will definitely be difficult to deal with.

P4B1b: With such an arrogant expression there’s no doubt she’s the type to complain excessively.

P4B2: Maybe, if you get to know her, she’ll turn out to be a surprisingly good person?


P5 Box1 B1: There’s no way, so Wais is out.

P5 Box1 SFX1: *crumble*

P5 Box2 SFX2: *toss*

P5 Box2 B2: Ouch?!


P6 SFX3: *plunk*

P6 SFX4: *flop*

P6B1: …? Did you hear anything just now?

P6B2: Eh?

P6B3: …maybe I imagined it




Page 4 ~

P1B1: Let’s look through this again… (Direct trans: Pulling/gathering myself together)

P1B2: The next one is…


P2B1: It’s the production class I’ve been looking for!

Name: Potta

P2 Paper Box1: Merchant


Max HP 80

Max MP 1

Attack 1

Defense 1

Agility 8

Luck 40

Experience 18

P2 Paper Box2: Skill

Item Production

Item Appraisal

P2B2: Perfect supporting skills and a younger sister like appearance (existence)


P3B1: I don’t think she’s a bad choice but what do you think mom?

P3B2a: Oh my, isn’t she cute!

P3B2b: Well then, I’ll interview this child next!


P4B1: —–With that being said

P4B2: Sorry for the short notice but…


P5B1: I’ll be having you go through a simple (?) interview

P5B2: O..o..okay!

P5B3: You’ll be fine. Just relax.

P5B4: O…oke! I’ll be en yur care** (**TL Note: These aren’t typos, she was so nervous she tripped over her words)




Page 6 ~

P1B1a: Yes, the feeling is mutual

P1B1b: We’ll also be in your care

P1B2: You really don’t have to be so nervous


P2B1: Well then, please give a simple introduction about yourself first.

P2B2: Yes!

P2B3a: My name is Potta!

P2B3b: I’m a beta player!





Page 7 ~

P1B1: Potta-chan, you’re also a beta player?

P1B2: A beta player?! What a rare find!

P1 SFX1: Yes!

P1B3: Where is your mother?

P1B4: M…my mother?


P2B1a: Because of her work, she’s taking a slight break from the game.

P2B1b: It’s fine since we have already received the game administrator’s permission!

P2B2: Potta-chan’s mother seems to be a busy person…


P3T1: It worries me a little but if the admins permitted it then it should be fine.


P4B1: Alright, I’ll be asking the next question

P4B2: Are you ready?

P4B3: Yes!


P5B1a: Appeal to me; in what way will you be useful?

P5B1b: Since you’re a merchant, promoting yourself is your forte right?


P6B1: Inn / Item shop / Blacksmith

P6B2a: Ummm…

P6B2b: When buying things or staying in an inn, discounts always appear for me!


P7B1: How wonderful! Potta-chan, you’re almost like a walking coupon!

P7B2: Mom… please try and phrase it a bit better next time…





Page 8 ~

P1B1: I can also gather and manage all of my comrade’s items

P1B2: And I can carry much more items than a normal player


P2B1: But wouldn’t that mean Potta-chan would be carrying everything?

P2 SFX1: How?

P2B2: Probably by using that bag?


P3B1: This amazing equipment is exclusive to the traveling merchant class, that I received as a starter’s item!

P3B2: An item’s size and weight doesn’t matter! Please leave all the luggage to me!


P4B1: Believe it or not!! This bag can store up to 300 items at once!

P4B2a: You have such a convenient storage tool huh….

P4B2b: The fact that I got excited over the bed sheet compression pouch is sad….


P5B1: Those summers where mom sweat a lot while putting away the bed covers….

P5B2: Makkun, I don’t recall you ever helping me. Not even once.

P5B3: I said I was sorry. I’ll help out next time.


P6 SFX1: *Ahem*

P6B1a: I understand having a traveling merchant as a comrade would be significantly beneficial now.

P6B1b: But there’s more right?





Page 9 ~

P1B1a: I have an appraisal skill!

P1B1b: I’ll know the name and ability of any item I take in my hand.

P1B2a: I also have many skills for item creation.

P1B2b: I can create any item we might need.


P2B1a: That’s the skill I was looking for!

P2B1b: Is it ok to think we won’t have to worry about a lack of items with you on our team?

P2B2: Yes, please leave it to me!


P3B1: Up until now I’ve been hearing all about your strong points.


P4B1: But honestly speaking, what are your weaknesses?


P5B1: Since my class isn’t meant for combat, I can’t fight!

P5 SFX1: I see

P5B2: Ok, so you can’t be counted on in an actual battle..


P6B1: B..but I’ll support you to the best of my abilities with what I can do!

P6B2: Just tell me, whatever it is you need!





Page 10 ~

P1B1: Makkun? Hasn’t it been 10 minutes?

P1B2: Yep….


P2B1: Mom’s already made her decision though.

P2B2: Yeah, and so have I.


P3B1: Potta-chan!

P3 SFX1: *Flinch*

P3 SFX2: *Grip*

P3B2: Y…yes?!


P4B1: Please wed into our family!

P4 SFX1: *Brightens*

P4B2a: Yes!

P4B2b: I’ll do it! (TL Note: She says “Yes, I’ll become a bride!)

P4B3: Yeah, bring it on!

P4 Box1 B1a: No! That’s not what I meant to say….. Mom….enough with the brides and girlfriends.

P4 Box1 B1b: Just drop the idea

P4T1: We’re finding comrades right?

P4 Box1 B2: S..sorry





Page 11 ~

P1B1: Alright then, once again

P1 SFX1: *Ahem*


P2B1a: Potta

P2B1b: Would you like to to become our comrade?


P3B1: Yes! I’ll do my very best!

P3B2: I’ll be in your care Potta


P4B1: I’ll also be in your care!

P4B2: Ummm….Mr. Hero! Mr. Hero’s Mother!


P5B1: Since we’re already comrades you can’t use such formal names with us

P5B2a: Can you call me using either,

P5B2b: Mom, or mama?


P7B1: You can also call Makkun, Makkun!

P7B2: Hey, stop. Just Masato is fine.





Page 12 ~

P1B1: Well then Mr. Masato, Ms. Mama

P1B2: Is this acceptable?


P2B1: It’s ok but I’d like it if your way of speaking was a bit more informal.

P2 SFX1: *Clatter*

P2B2: You’ll probably loosen up as we continue to adventure together though


P3B1: Yes!

P3B2: I’ll do my best!

P3B3: What is this adorable creature?


P4B1: Hauuu. This kind of hurts!

P4B2/3: Squeeze

P4B4: It’s fine, it’s fine


P5B1: It’s fi-

P5B2: Makkun?

P5 SFX1: *Freezes*


P6B1: S…Stop!

P6B2: Don’t look at me with such sad eyes!





Page 13 ~

P1B1: W…well, let’s keep going just like this and increase the number of our companions.

P1B2: Alright, then I’ll keep on interviewing more and more people!


P2B1: If we do that, we’ll have rejection after rejection…


P3B1: Sigh….I’m suddenly feeling tired….we should probably take a break now

P3B2: I’ll ask Shirarase to bring us some drinks or something….

P3 SFX1: *Crumble*


P4B1: Hm? Did I step on something…


P5B1: That hurt!

P5B2: Wha?!

P5B3: What are you doing idiot!


P6B1: Ow





Page 14 ~

P1 SFX1: *Roll* *Roll*

P1B1a: That hurt~~

P1B1b: W…what the heck?!


P2B1: Hey, you!!

P2B2a: Don’t mess with me!

P2B2b: Getting full of yourself just because I kept quiet!


P3B1: If you don’t knock it off I really will cast consecutive instant death spells and obliterate you!

P3B2: I’ll cast them in dozens each round!


Box1B1: I…in dozens, meaning 12 times…?

Box1B2: Since it’s consecutive, double that and it’s 24 times!

Box1 SFX1: *gulp*





Page 15 ~

P1B1: Rather, how are you talking so calmly!

P1 SFX1: Aaaaah!!

P1B2: Argh!! So infuriating!


P2B1a: For making a joke out of

P2B1b: someone like me


P3B1: I’ll have you properly apologize!


P4B1: Come with me for a second!

P4 SFX1: *Woosh*

P4B2: Supaara・ra・majiia・beru・miraare

P4B3: W..what are you…!?

P5B1: Teleport! (TL Note: It actually said ‘transport’)





Page 16 ~

P2 SFX1: Makkun?!


P3B1: Ow!


P4B1: That hurt… what in the world….

P4 SFX1: *Shake* *shake*


P5B1: Ha?

P5B2: That is…Kaasaan Kingdom?


P6B1a: Does this mean I got sent

P6B1b: to a different place?

P6 SFX1: Haa–

P6B2: That’s exactly what it means





Page 17 ~

P2T1: Aa…

P2T2: This is


P3T1: As I thought

P3T2: She was indeed this type of person


P4T1: My eyes

P4 SFX1: *Step*

P4T2: were right….


P5T1: So it’s revenge for earlier

P5 DIagram: Start / Fufu => Transform / Documents (Waiz) => Uwaa-!! / Waited for the right moment to surprise us => Goal / Changes, convincing us to make her our comrade

P5T1: She probably transformed into her own application and wanted to surprise us by turning back, thus securing her place as our comrade.

P5T2: But I ruined her plan.


P6B1: Fu ~ The wind feels nice.

P6B2: I’ll tell you one good thing

P6B3: What is that?





Page 18 ~

P1B1: This is my favorite place

P1B2: I don’t care

P1B3: Rather, aren’t you satisfied? Would you please forgive me now?


P2B1: Well, alright. Since I do feel better.


P3B1: Hmph, you let yourself get stepped on rather easily

P3B2: I’ll compliment you for being gallant in this instance

P3B3: I’ll take that as a compliment


P4B1: Well? What do you intend to do bringing me this far?


P5B1: I’m in the middle of thinking about that right now

P5B2: Are you serious?





Page 19 ~

P1B1: S..shut up

P1B2a: I just wanted to bring you to a place where you wouldn’t bother anyone even if you resisted

P1B2b: Then after sending you flying with magic I wanted to step on your face.

P1B3: Wow, you really have some guts


P2B1: Despite that you obediently let me step on your face.

P2B2: Thanks to that my plans went down the drain


P3B1: …..well it’s fine, I’ll do whatever it takes to make things go as planned

P3 SFX1: Fu


P4 SFX1: Cough!!


P5B1a: Fuu ~ the wind feels nice

P5B1b: This is my favorite place

P5B2: Like I said, I really don’t care.





Page 20 ~

P1B1: H…how can you not care?!

P1B2: Two people coming to a special place with a mellow mood. Isn’t this usually the scene where an important talk happens!

P1B3: If you have something to say, say it quickly. Then let’s hurry up and go.


P2B1: Agh… W…well it would be troubling if it was said so easily

P2B2: Basically you just want to become our companion and you have a reason why right?


P3B1: If so sit and I’ll properly listen to what you have to say.

P3B2: Ok, fine


P4T1: There aren’t any bugs right….

P4B1: H..hey


P5B1: Aren’t you a bit close?

P5B1: Y..you were the one who told me to sit here!





Page 21 ~

P1T1: Yes yes

P1T2: Go that way. A bit more

P1Box1: In the middle of adjusting


P2B1: Umm…. my profile is exactly as I wrote it in the application.

P2B2: But I’ll properly introduce myself again.


P3B1: My name is Waiz and I’m a sage.

P3B2a: As a starter’s item I received a grimoire with a passive ability that increases my power.

P3B2b: From attacks to support just leave to me.

P3B3: Thanks for the ever so polite intro


P4B1: I’m Masato and my class is warrior.

P4B2: To be clear, I’m still considered a hero.


P5B1: You? A hero!

P5 SFX1: *giggle*

P5B2: I didn’t choose to be a hero!

P5T1: Leave me alone


P6B1: The fact that you also received a starter’s item means you’re also a beta player I assume?

P6B2: Then, would you like this 15 year old high school girl’s number?

P6B3: Stop. That’s personal information.

P6B4: Fine, I’ll stop.





Page 22 ~

P1B1: Back to my story

P1B2: How much do you know about our current situation?


P2B1: By situation you mean about our current lives in this game?

P2B2: I’m still questioning why my mom had to follow along


P3B1a: Exactly

P3B1b: why would our Moms need to accompany us…

P3B2: I’ll tell you the reason


P4B1: It’s because this game



OutP B1: In other words





Page 23 ~

P1B1: For Moms and their son, or perhaps their daughter

P1B2: An RPG where they learn to get along with one another


P2B1: What are you talking about? Are you messing with me?

P2B2: I..I’m not messing around!

P3B1a: The ones messing around are the people who made this game!

P3B1b: I’m only speaking the truth! So just listen for now!


P4B1a: If you don’t I’ll immediately cast consecutive death and revival spells, obliterating you.

P4B1b: As long as I have mana I’ll kill you and revive you over and over again!

P4 SFX1: *Fume*


P5 SFX1: *Sigh*

P5B1: If I’m alive in the end, then I wouldn’t mind going through all that





Page 24 ~

P1B1: ….Fine, I get it. I’ll properly listen so continue what you were saying.


P2B1: This game was created to help parents get along with their children

P2B2a: That’s why a parent and child make up a team

P2B2b: And also why they’re teleported and sent on an adventure together.


P3B1: ….what in the world happened to lead to this game’s creation?

P3B2: In regards to that, even I don’t exactly know.


P4B1: …..But there’s one thing I’m sure of

P4B2: What’s that?


P5B1: If we don’t meet the clear condition in this game

P5B2: We can’t return to our own world.

P5B3: Wha….are you serious?





Page 25 ~

P1B1a: No one told me about

P1B1b: a rule like that

P1B2: …well? What’s the condition?


P2B1a: For the

P2B1b: parent and child to get along


P4B1: WHAT?!


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