Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 2.4

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 2.4

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Tsuujou Kougeki ch 2.4

Translated by Chisui

PR by Azurekite1


Page 1 ~

P1 Txt1: It’s an emergency and we’ll teach you what to do

Title: Do you love your mother who’s normal attacks are AOE double hit combos?

*PR note: AOE = Area OF Effect, incase you didn’t know



Page 2 ~

P1 Txt1: For parent and child to get along?


P2B1a: What’s with that clearing condition!

P2B1b: I don’t get why they would…

P2B2: Exactly!


P3 Txt1: After I was suddenly brought into this game

P3 Txt2: That’s what Mama told me


P4B1: I was so surprised I almost fainted

(TL Note: She said her eyes rolled back showing the whites)

P4 SFX1: Fu

P4B2: I also got a runny nose from it

P4B3: No, you shouldn’t be getting a runny nose from that

P4 Txt1: Have more self-awareness as a high school girl


P5B1: I wiped my nose afterwards so it’s fine

P5B2: I…is that so


P6B1: But I don’t know exactly how much we have to ‘get along’ with our parents to meet the condition.

P6 SFX1: Stare ~

P6B2a: Though it’s probably easy for a certain someone with a mom-con

(TL Note: Same thing as sis-con except with Moms)

P6B2b: trying to go on an adventure with his mom

P6 Txt1: Don’t look over here

P6B3: I wonder who you’re talking about



Page 3 ~

P1B1: Sigh ~

P1B2: Yet for someone who doesn’t get along with their mom it’s the worst condition; absolutely impossible


P2B1: For example….like a certain Sage somewhere?

P2B2: Glare


P3B1a: I was also with Mama at the beginning but after a huge fight I’ve been alone since

P3B1b: In the first place, playing games with our parents is ridiculous

P3 SFX1: Fu–

P3B2: Well yeah…. I also thought ‘Are you serious?’ when I first began


P4B1: Thanks to that I’ve been trapped in this world

P4B2: Basically a pitiful princess.

P4 Txt1: Uhmm, a princess

P4B3: Though you don’t seem like a princess no matter how I look at you

P4 SFX1: Nod

P4B4: You really do piss me off


P5B1: So? What does that have to do with becoming my companion?



Page 4 ~

P1B1: Ah don’t tell me…

P1B2a: You’re not going to do something like grabbing on and returning with us when we clear the condition

P1B2b: are you?


P2 SFX1: Smirk


P3 SFX2: Uwa—

P3B1: She’s a bad person….


P4B1: Your Mama looks like an extremely kind and nice person right?


P5B1: That’s why I’ll act as if I’m also your Mama’s child

P5B2: Clear the condition and go home


P6B1: That’s my plan

P6 SFX1: Hmph

P6B2: Eh



Page 5 ~

P1B1: You, as Mom’s child…in other words. daughter-in-law

P1B2: Wait, doesn’t that mean…


P2 SFX1: Clang Clang

P2 SFX2: Ping

P2 Notif Box: We just got married!

P2B1: This happens!


P3B1: What? You have a problem with tha…


P4 SFX1: Blush


P5B1: Appears


P6B1a: Stu!!

P6B1b: Stupid!!

P6 SFX1: Smack

P6 SFX2: Drops

P6B2: Why?!



Page 6 ~

P1B1: There’s adoption isn’t there!

P1B2a: And even if I become one

P1B2b: We’ll be siblings!

P1B3: O..oh….we also had that method

P1 SFX1: Blink Blink

P1 SFX2: Heavy breathing

P1B4a: A magic bride who hits this hard

P1B4b: Regardless of what you think, I wouldn’t want a bride like that…


P2B1: I also don’t want to become the bride of a guy with a mom-con

P2B2: I don’t have a mom-con though


P3B1: Anyway I understand your circumstances and plan

P3 SFX1: Gets up


P4B1a: Then make me your comrade

P4B1b: I’ll do my absolute best to convince your Mama



Page 7 ~

P1 Txt1: Ehe <3

P1 Txt2: Mother ~

P1 SFX1: Evil laughter

P1B1: I’ll be super super cute

P1B2: And show you I can definitely act like a girl she would want as her daughter

P1B3: Saying something that shows you’re evil to the core so easily


P2B1: ….Hey, can I ask you one thing?

P2 Txt1: Make it quick

P2B2: If it’s just one, I’ll listen for you


P3B1: Then I’ll get right to the point

P3 SFX1: Flinch

P3B2: Isn’t it ok if you just make up?


P4B1: That would never happen….it’s obviously hopeless

P4 SFX1: Clench


P5 Txt1: It’s annoying when you say that

P5 Txt1: Me making up with Mama is impossible

P5B1a: Stop trying to meddle with other people’s family situations



Page 8 ~

P1B1: Well how about it?

PIB2a: Will you make me your comrade?

P1B2b: You will right?


P2B1a: You won’t say

P2B1b: [I can’t decide without asking my Mama first] will you?

P2B2: I never said that


P3B1: Sigh…it can’t be helped

P3B2: For now just come along and we’ll see?


P4B1: Basically [I have to make this cute sage my comrade] is what you’re saying right?

P4 SFX1: Hmph

P4B2: Fine, I’ll become your comrade for you so thank me


P5B1: Why? And what’s with that attitude?



Page 9 ~

P1B1a: Honestly I was supposed to say all this when I appeared while you guys were choosing your team members.

P1B1b: But I got to say it here so I’m satisfied

P1B2: Stop trying to force everything to go according to your plan


P2B1: Well then, here

P2 SFX1: Holds out


P3B1: I..I’ll be in your care…


P4B1: Crack


P5 SFX1: Rumble rumble rumble

P5B1: Kya

P5B2: W…what the?!
P5B3: An earthquake?!





Page 10 ~

P2B1: Did you….

P2B2: Did you find Maak-un?!


P3B1: I sincerely apologize

P3B2: We haven’t been able to find any clues yet…



Page 11 ~

P1B1a: To protect the privacy, of test players

P1B1b: there isn’t a system that continuously makes sure they follow the rules so…

P1B2: Is that so…I understand


P2B1a: I’m sorry for troubling you

P2B1b: Everyone, thank you for your help

P2 SFX1: Bow

P2B2: Just leave this to me

P2B3: Roger that


P3B1: Please tell me when you find something else

P3B2: I understand


P4B1: Mama-san


P5B1: It’ll be fine

P5 SFX1: Hugs

P5B2: Uwa



Page 12 ~

P1B1: Maa-kun will be ok


P2B1: Yes! I think so too!

P2B2: Because Masato-san is a hero!



Page 13 ~

P1B1: Yep unlike me

P1 SFX1: Clench

P1B2a: Although his attacks aren’t Area Of Effect combos and can only hit once

P1B2b: I’m sure he’ll be fine!

P1B3: When you say that he seems like normal person


P2B1: However, since its Masato-san!

P2B2a: That’s right, he’s my son after all. He’ll definitely ok!


P3B1a: Yet…how should I say this….

P3B1b: I don’t know how to explain it but


P4 SFX1: Worried

P4B1a: I have a feeling

P4B1b: Something horrible is going to happen


P5B1: Y..you’re saying Masato-san will be attacked by monsters?!

P5B2: Hmm—….its a bit different from that



Page 14 ~

P1B1: More like….

P1 SFX1: Hmm—

P1 Txt1: I wonder what it is exactly

P1 B2: Something awful for me is going to happen

P1B3: Awful for…Mama-san?


P2B1: Ah that’s right

P2 SFX1: Gasp


P3B1: What if Maa-kun leaves me behind

P3B1a: And starts getting along with someone else?

P3B1b: That would be a really bad thing


P4B1: Eh? I…is that so?


P5B1: Maa-kun is currently going on an adventure with me so we could get along.

P5 Txt1: Maa-kun

P5 Txt2: Wait!!

P5B2: But if he starts getting along with another person and leaves me behind to go on an adventure with them

P5B3: I’ll be very sad



Page 15 ~

P1B1: Umm… I don’t think it would be good if Mama-san cried


P2B1: I can’t stay still like this

P2B2: I have to find Maa-kun


P3B1: Though it’s unlikely, there’s a way we can find them

P3 SFX: Slips in front

P3B2: Really?!


P4B1a: Tell me what we should do…

P4B1b: No

P4B2: Will you teach me what to do?!



Page 16 ~

P1B1: Of course!


P2B1a: The deciding factor in this game is the bond between mother and child.

P2B1b: First strongly believe in the bond you have with Masato-kun

P2B2: Yes!


P3B1: Well then, Potta-san please hand the Earth Holy sword to Mamako-san

P3B2: Y..yes here it is


P4B1: Now, Mamako-san hold up the sword and call out to the earth.

P4B2a: The earth is also a mother

P4B2b: As mothers alike she’ll probably hear and answer Mamako-san’s wish

P4B3: Are you sure?!


P5B1: Yes…probably!

P5 SFX1: Nod


P6 SFX1: Gulp

P6B1: I understand! Even if it’s a ‘probably’ I’ll trust you!


P7B1: Mother Earth if you are also a mother

P7B2: Inhale

P7B3: Then you know how I feel right…

P7 SFX1: Squeeze



Page 17 ~

P1B1a: I’m not trying to interfere with my son’s relationships

P1B1b: That’s also important but


P2B1: I just want to tell him ‘please get along with your mom too’


P3B1: If you understand my feelings then


P4B1: tell me where Maa-kun is!


P6B1: Aah?!



Page 18 ~

P1 Txt1: Oh my

P1 Txt2: Wow

P1B1: Please look outside the window!!


P2B1: That must be Masato-san

P2 SFX1: Boooom


P3 Txt1: Let’s send someone to pick him up immediately

P3B1a: Huh…you actually pulled it off

P3B1b: Even I’m surprised you managed to accomplish it

P3B2a: Oh my…

P3B2b: To think he was there all this time



Page 19 ~

P1 SFX1: Aaaaaaaah

P1B1: Since I have the appraisal skill there’s no way my eyes are wrong!


P2B1a: Ufufu

P2B1b: I wonder why

P2 SFX1: Ka-cha

P2B2: Right now


P3 SFX1: Fu—

P3B1: I feel like I just won an incredibly important battle

P3 BoxDescr: Mamako learned Mother’s Fang!


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