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LHT Winter Quest has ended.

Dear everyone, As you may, or may not have noticed. LHT’s Winter Quest has ended. Congratulations, you’ve managed to defeat the overlord and bring peace to that world. You can all take a breather and get some rest. However, the dark lord won’t be resting forever…. Join us again on December 1st, 2019 for the


Dear everyone, Luna here (The person who hits the server with a wrench whenever something goes wrong) This post is to both inform you that the website now uses HTTPS so no govies can see what you’re up to. And to see if everything works correctly, if not, give me a poke on the discord.


All patreon pls update your selection in the link above We are looking for Japanese translator, if you know someone that happen to know Japanese please tell them to contact us! A few of our translator has been busy with their everyday life, but don’t worry we’ll have two new translator by next week! We