Wortenia Senki Chapter 11

Wortenia Senki Chapter 11

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Page 1:
What’s going on?

They’re fighting…amongst each other!?

Page 3:
About the fact that we predicted tomorrow’s assault

To us, we have an advantage

Which is knowing that “they’re setting up a trap”

…how does that

benefit us?

Page 4:
Let me rephrase myself

“We know that they’re setting up a trap”

…about that

Won’t whoever attacks first get the upper hand?

That’s right

What if

We can decide exactly where we get assaulted?

Page 5:
We are still a group of mercenaries escorting merchants to Rhoadseria

Trên viền: more of a miscellany though

We are not wanted criminals

Be it targeting Lionel or me,

If they attack us somewhere publicly they are the ones committing a crime

Just like how we can’t carelessly harm the requester, Masara, who is alleging himself as a “merchant”

They will also have to find somewhere vacant to attack us

That’s why the chances of them bringing a large army is extremely low

And the most effective way to set a trap with a small force is by a surprise ambush

This way, they can optimize their geographical advantages

Page 6:
Geographical advantages…huh? Can we really make use of that?

What if they chose a random spot somewhere?

I don’t think they’re a small enough an organization to get away with that

A strategist who can’t indicate the best option will be condemned by the other members

And above all, the morale is also affected

It is decided that we’re going with the plan 3-

No- that is not the best course of action-

If someone were to decide the plan based on his mood, the others won’t stay silent about it

Right right

Is plan 2 not good!?

…didn’t your ears hurt nee-san(*)?

(*)nee-san here is him showing respect to her as she is the boss


Page 7:
Now then…

The valley near Rhoadseria’s border seems suspicious to me

This entire mountain path should be perfect for an ambush

What if they were to attack at night?

Probably not

It’s dangerous because they might kill one of their own

And they won’t be able to see their targets


No idiots would announce their names before attacking someone

Did you catch a cold Saito?

Ah I’m just talking to myself

Page 8:
Let’s reaffirm our information

We are probably getting ambushed in the valley near Rhoadseria’s border

It would be scary if the enemies had any mages

Just by looking at them, I don’t think they have any countermeasures against mages

So there is a high chance they’ll throw rocks or fire arrows at us

Just keep running straight forward!!

Page 9:
The ones we need to be cautious of are the merchants after the assault begins

When the ambush starts, we’ll let the merchants run ahead

Our battle strength should surpass the merchants

But it would be dangerous if they were to rendezvous with reinforcements

If we’re not careful, we can get caught up in a pincer movement

That is still good for us

How so?

A pincer movement is good against opponents that are as strong as you

But we should be much stronger than those merchants…

Page 10:
So if we’re caught in a pincer attack, all we need to do is fight our way through those merchants

You’re not the only ones with a surprise…

That was the plan…


Page 11:
What’s going on!?

The merchants weren’t the enemies…?

Boy, are you ok!?

What about you Lionel-san?

The “Crimson Lion” members are fine but a few other mercenaries were killed

What should we do now?

According to the plan, we should be leading them to Bolt by now


It’s fine

Just do as we planned

Lionel-san, can you round up the scattered mercenaries?

Got it

Page 12:
Let’s go

Page 14:


There is no one inside the abandoned carriage!

We got tricked…!?

The witch has escaped!

Chase after her!

Don’t let them get away!

A witch…?

Page 15:
You did well tricking them

They took the bait

Even though I still have my doubts

At least everything is going according to the plan…

What happens next will all be on her shoulders

I’m expecting a lot from her

Page 16:


Page 17:
I’m…I’m sorry, I will immediately get prepared for tomorrow…

Ah no

I have something important to talk to you about

Could…could it be

I’m getting chased away…?


I just knew it!

You hate battle slaves!


Master likes leaner and softer girls right? Yes! Yes! I knew it!

These muscles are just disgusting …

No, they’re really reliable…wait I wasn’t talking about that!

Page 18:
Something only I can do?


You’ve heard what we were talking about during that meeting?

I want to leave you with the finishing touches to our plan

After we turn around and lure the enemies

Just like that we’ll lead team into a magic circle

They will fall into the trap without even knowing it

When I give the signal, I want you to wipe out the enemies with your magic

Something for me to do

Page 19:

I’ll do it!

I’ll try my best to serve you!

Be it hundreds or thousands, I’ll wipe them cleanly off the face the earth!

Ok calm down

The enemies will also be riding on horses


That is rather…difficult

Using word magic on a fast opponent is…

Wind slash doesn’t have enough stability…

And that’s why

Page 20:
I’ve asked Bolt-san to help you

Lionel-san’s right arm…

The heart of the “Crimson Lion”?

Then let me be the one assisting him

I think that in both magic and combat, Bolt-san should be way better than me…

What are you talking about?

Rora, you’re my battle slave, right?

That’s why instead of Bolt-san

I want you to do it

To me, you’re the only person who can help

Page 21:

The only one who can turn the situation around

Is you Rora!

Page 22:

We must not let that witch get away!!

Kill them!!

Don’t let a single one of them survive through this!!

What should we do?

The merchants are also coming this way!?

At this rate, they’ll also get blown away with the enemies!!

The merchants…

Page 23:
Are neither our enemies nor our allies

Nor the goons who were sent after me by the empire

My targets are only the ones assaulting us

All I need to do was to use the carriage as bait to lure them here

After that, all I need to do is to erase our traces

Now that I think about it, those merchants never directly attacked us

They’re also our requester…



If you don’t hold on tight, you’ll fall

Do you like that merchant?

Page 24:

Female battle slaves huh?

A pretty rare sight

I hate him

What about Lionel-san

Young girls are more suited

For the bed instead of the battlefield!


him to the bone!!

page 25:

Sara, going forward!


Yes sir!


page 26+27:
Dear Mother Earth

Release giant spears that can penetrate through everything

Listen to thy children, now is the time to unleash thy wrath

Rock bamboo

page 28:

Check if there are any survivors


Are you still alive?


page 29:
Young man

The number of survivors has been insured

Young man?

Thank you, you sure work fast

To be able to annihilate almost all of them during your first time combining magic with someone else

As expected of Bolt-san, your timing was perfect

No, it was all thanks to the young miss

To be able to experience how magic entwine, I should be the one thanking



Do you understand what you’ve done!?

How could you treat your requester like this…?

page 30:
From the moment you merchants pulled out your swords and cut the enemies, it is decided that you can’t possibly be our requester

We didn’t do anything wrong


You people weren’t even merchants since the beginning right?


Why are you pulling out your sword…?

“Why,” you ask…

page 31:

To silence you for good?

Wait! You should be killing the ones who assaulted us!

They’re Rhoadseria’s knights!!

They’re always pretending to be the heroes

While killing countless of people in cold blood

A bunch of the kingdom’s hounds!!



page 32:
Who really are you?


I’m just a slave merchant

I tried hard to move on from the life of a thief

If you spare me, I can sell you whatever type of slaves you want at a reasonable price

Who the heck are you people?

Especially you! You look nothing like a low ranked adventurer

Young man

He seems to know quite a lot, I think we should pry the information from his stinking mouth

If you’re talking about torturing then let me…

The young miss shouldn’t overwork herself


Page 33:

I apologize for tricking you…!

That’s why!

So you did trick us?

If so, you can’t complain regardless of what we do to you right?

Damn it


What the heck is going on?

Page 34:
We’ve come all the way here to chase after the witch

Because of that we willingly took on the danger…

You’re captain of the Rhoadseria’s imperial guards, Mihail Donashu-san


Page 35:
The next heir to the throne of Rhoadseria that you’re looking for is…

This person

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