Wortenia Senki Chapter 15

Wortenia Senki Chapter 15

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Wortenia Senki Ch 15

*The Chinese part on the first page…the Japanese subtitle was too small to read so I guess a bit on what they are talking about*

Page 1


P1b1: They are saying that a country like China is dragon less. (TL note: dragon less = no military power) We will defeat them, so may I borrow 30,000 soldiers

P1b2a: You have too few troops and the enemies are far. I wonder what you have in plan?

P1b2b: It’s the regular soldiers

P1b3: You won against the Turks with irregular soldiers. Why use the regular soldiers this time

P1b4: The islanders defeated the enemy with regular soldiers

P2: n/a

P3b1a: Lee Kwang-eong vs… …

P3b1b: I heard a lot about it from Gramps

P3b2a: Who knew I’d be able to read the war script of the Song Dynasty in its original text

P3b2b: …I wonder if it’s a privilege being summoned in this world…


Page 2


P1b: Master?

P2b: Isn’t it about time…

P3b1: Ah right, my bad

P3b2: Sorry for using you as my pillow for so long

P4ba: No

P4bb: There’s no need to apologize

P5: n/a

P6ba: Even though I’m a battle slave

P6bb: It’s natural for us to comfort the master


Page 3


Title: Wortenia Senki

Text 1: Chapter 15:Proof of Power


Page 4


P1 sfx: splash

P2 sfx: Haa

P3 text: Sorry

P4 text: Even though it’s fine to use me as he pleases


Page 5


P1b1: Boo


P2b1: Your back’s wide open and full of openings

P2b2: Li… Lionel-san!

P3b1: Heyyy— it’s not nice to sneak up on me!

P3b2a: Sorry sorry

P3b2b: I couldn’t hold back since you were in a daze

P4b1: Where’s the boy? Isn’t he with you?

P4b2a: Boy…?

P2b2b: Oh, if it’s about Master

P3b: He said he [needed to talk] with the mercenaries so he went over to the camp


Page 6


P1b: …Hnnn, I see

P2b1: Aren’t you heading there

P2b2a: I just returned from recruiting the mercenaries

P2b2b: I’m leaving the talking to Bolts

P3b1a: Ah I see, thank you for the work

P3b1b: I’m surprised you even got that many, even when you can’t communicate through the guild

P3b2: Well…I’ve been in the business for a while so no worries, no worries

P4b1a: …Just kidding

P4b1b: We gotta have the princess win no matter what

P4b2a: Right now, this is the only thing I can do to help the boy

P4b2b: I just can’t bear it that’s all

P5b1: Although I’m sure the knight guys might have some complaints since their training ground is taken over by my mercenaries

P5b2: Fufu


Page 7


P1b1: Oh yeah, what happened to the other half

P2b bottom: If it’s about Saara, she’s running errands

P2b top: Master said that there might be more Riaase books inside the warehouse (TL note: Riaase = “other world”)

P3b1: Ehhh… Will it be alright with her alone?

P3 text: Won’t she become a pot seller

P3b2: It’ll be fine!

P4b: She’s way more proper than me!

P4 sfx: *proud*

P5b1: Is that how it is

P5b2: …Guess you’re pretty much free?


Page 8


P1b1: Tttttthat’s no true, what are you saying! See! Even right now I’m getting water!

P1 sfx: gara gara gara

P1b2: Huh, why suddenly

P2b bottom: But aren’t you a battle slave, why are you getting water?

P2b top: You should just make the people from the castle do that for you

P2 sfx: *stop*

P3b1: Since I’m a slave of Ryouma-sama

P3b2a: I have been able to cope with any request in any situation

P3b2b: To the best of my abilities

P4b: …Is that the boy’s instruction?

P5b1: …No

P5b2: Thought so, that’s very like him


Page 9


P1b1: Master is a gentle person

P1b2a: Although…

P1b2b: He’s ruthless to the enemy

P2b1: I think he’s gentle too

P2b2a: Especially

P2b2b: To you two

P3b1a: Heh?

P3b1b: No that’s not…

P3b2: There you go again~, even though you’ve already noticed~

P4 top right: Wwwwwhat do you mean

P4 bottom right: Isn’t it nice to be young

P4 top left: Please don’t say weird things

P4 bottom left a: The boy’s is good looking as well

P4 bottom left b: We only have muscular, blading old guys


Page 10


P1b1: I’m envious

P1b2: …t’s not it

P2b: Nn?

P3 sfx: *light tearing up*

P3b: That’s why it’s no good…

P4b1: That gentleness

P4b2: Is hard for me!

P5b: It’s like Master doesn’t trust us…


Page 11

P1b1a: Sorry!

P1b1b: Did I go too far…?

P1 sfx1: *sniff*

P1b2: Even though I want him to treat me like cattle

P1b3: What are you saying

P1 sfx2: *sway*

P2b1: You made…

P2b2: Her…cry…

P2 sfx: *rumble rumble*

P2b3: Hau

P3b1: Wait wait, it’s a misunderstanding

P3b2: …Saara?

P4b1a: What’s wrong?

P4b1b: Did she do something…?

P4 sfx: *gasp*

P4b2: That’s right


Page 12


P1ba: There’s a problem!

P1bb: Master will!!

P2b: Master will be killed!!


Page 13


P1 sfx: *crack crack* (or any heavy splitting noise)

P2b: The ground split like a spider web!

P2 sfx: Woah

P3: n/a

P4b top: Thanks for the help…?

P4b bottom: Now I don’t need to attack you while you’re asleep


Page 14


P1: n/a

P2b1: A duel!?

P2b2a: Plus the opponent is a rank A mercenary

P2b2b: and a martial arts user…!

P3b1: Why would he…!

P3b2a: You don’t have to rush, he’ll be fine right?

P3b2b: Aren’t you being a bit overprotective…

P4b1: It’s not fine!!

P4 sfx: *shout*

P4b2a: Ah

P4b2b: Okay

P5: n/a

P6b1: Master…

P6b2: Please be safe


Page 15


P1: n/a

P2b1: Looks like rumors about

P2b2a: not being able to use magic…

P2b2b: is true

P3b1: In the end, an F rank adventurer

P3b2a: Can’t do anything

P3b2b: Without his escorts!

P4 sfx: *don* (slam?)


Page 16


P1 sfx1: *gravel falling to ground*

P1 sfx2: crunch

P2b1: …Your martial arts is

P2 sfx: Fuu

P2b2: Flashy as always

P3b1: Only noticed now?

P3b2: You better not whine!


Page 17


P1b1: But…

P1b2 bottom: You rely on power too much

P1b2 top: Your martial arts is going to waste

P2 sfx: twitch

P2b: Huh?

P3b1: Won’t that make your nickname cry?

P3b2: Kuro…what was it again?

P4b: You little


Page 18


n/a (lol, sfx: grab)


Page 19


P1 sfx: slam

P2: n/a

P3b1: Wha what?

P3b2: What happened!?

P4b1a: It’s a

P4b1b: skill

P4b2: It’s a well-known technique in Riaase


Page 20


P1b1a: Nee-sama!

P1b1b: There!

P1b2: Master!

P2 sfx: *slide*

P3b: I will not let you pass

P4b: Bolts-san!?


Page 21


P1b1: This is a duel between warriors

P1 sfx: yeahhh wooo

P1b2: I won’t let anyone interfere

P2b: Even if it’s you two

P3b1: N…no way…

P3 sfx: Ahaaa

P3b2a: Sorry Bolts!

P3b2b: I couldn’t hold them back

P4b top right: Lionel-san!

P4b top left: You knew!?

P4 sfx: *flinch*

P4 bottom left: Umm, well…


Page 22


P1: n/a

P2b1: I see…

P2b1: A Riaase skill…

P3ba: If it’s skill

P3bb: I know one too

P4ba: …Heh

P4bb: Show it then

P5: n/a

P6 sfx: smirk


Page 23


P1 sfx: *breath in*

P2b: The pine needle stand…!

P3b1: Isn’t this a Riaase skill?

P3b2: It’s a useful stand

P4b1: Isn’t it called [Karate]?

P4b2a: How about it

P4b2b: I took your specialty

P5b: Master…


Page 24


P1b: …

P2b1: Don’t put mine and gramp’s skill

P2b2: Together with yours

P3 sfx: *quick nose breath laugh*

P3b: What are you saying…

P4: n/a


Page 25


P1 sfx bottom left: *turn*

P2: n/a

P3: n/a


Page 26


P1: n/a

P2 sfx: *head slam to ground*

P3 sfx: *drop*


Page 27


P1b: That’s it!

P2: n/a

P3 sfx: Wooooaaaaahhhhh

P3ba: Victor

P3bb: Mikoshiba Ryouma!


Page 28


P1b1: Bolts, he might’ve died

P1b2: I’ll take care of the rest

P2b: Master!

P3b1: What’s the meaning of this!?

P3b2: Ahh, sorry

P3b3: For deceiving you

P4b1: I received information that an assassin from the nobles is mixed in with the growing numbers of mercenaries

P4bb: And I thought it was a good idea to defeat him in a duel, so I had her set it up

P5b: You won against a nicknamer, isn’t that a great win?


Page 29


P1b1: And thanks to you I also made a huge profit…

P1 sfx1: Ufufufufu

P1b2: What a shrewd woman

P2 text: She’s gone crazy…

P2b: No way…

P3b1: We would’ve gotten rid of him for you if we knew about the assassin!

P3 text: Meanie

P3b2: I knew you’d say that, that’s why I kept it a secret

P4 text: Well…

P4b1: This was the quickest way to round up the mercenaries so this rookie boy can lead them

P4b2: Look, the place is full of stories about the boy


Page 30


P1: n/a

P2b: Rora

P3b: …You should trust the boy more

P4: n/a

P5b: …Yes

P6b1a: Lionel-san, I’m sorry about before

P6b1b: I didn’t know I could flutter that much…

P6 sfx: *gets red/ embarrassed*

P6b2: I feel ashamed…

P7b1: Don’t worry about it

P7b2: I’ll keep it as a girl’s secret


Page 31


P1b1: That’s right, I’ll tell you a secret from me

P2b1: Although he’s excited now

P2b2: That boy made a resolution

P3b1: [Even if I die,]

P3b2a: [I want both to lead a regretless life]

P3b2b: I was asked that many times

P4b1: He said that if it was interrupted by us

P4b2: It’ll become a great excuse

P5b1: Hey Lionel-san!

P5b2: Don’t say anything unnecessary!

P5 text: Whoops


Page 32


P1b1: You two

P1b2: Are loved

P2, 3: n/a

P4b1: …That’s not good Lionel-san

P4b2: It’s not right to lie


Page 33


P1b1: i’m a slave

P1b2: So , I don’t need to be loved

P2,3b: …Rora

P3,4b: War


Page 34


P1,2b: War is starting

P3,4ba: Yes

P3,4bb: Master


To be continued

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