Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 13

Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 13

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Page 1:
p1b1a: …doesn’t have any magical power?

P1b1b: can’t use magic?

P1b1c: how is that even possible!!

P2b1a: …in my world, no one can use magic anyways.

P2b1b: maybe it has something to do with that?

P3b1a: !?

P3b1b: to think a world like that exists…

P3b1c: …but that would explain a lot of things…

P3bb1: hmm…

P3b2a: well, it’s not like being unable to use magic will cause me any trouble.

P3b2b: I’ve never used it before to begin with.

Page 2+3:
p1b1: what did you say? you can’t even start a fire without it, you know!
p1b2: why not, I can just use a flint.

P2b1: then, where can you get water to drink from!?

P2b2: I can just store it in a flask.

P4b1a: wh-

P4b1b: what’s with those weak ass answers?

P4b1b: ugu!!

P5b1: just shut up already Ama-kou

P5b2: wat ar yu duing, ret go of mi!!

Page 4:

P1b1a: it’s true,

P1b1b: that not being able to use magic may cause some inconvenience

P1b1c: but, it’s not a problem.

P2b1a: I mean, even the spirits can’t use magic, right?

P2b1b: *bam*

P2b2: you’re not a spirit, you idiot!

P3b1a: hey, that hurts.

P3b1b: bitch, you went all out to get back at me, didn’t you!?
page 5:
p1b1a: wait, aren’t you the one who said that there was no one opposing the royal family?

P1b1b: right?

P1b2: ugh

P3b1a: …there’s no point

P3b1b: in keeping it a secret now…

P4b1a: yes, it’s true, there are organizations opposing the kingdom… the royal family.

P4b1b: this is confidential information so I had to conceal it.

P5b1: confidential information?

P6b1: well, I am the vice-captain of the royal knights.

P6b2: !?

Page 6:
p1b1: …what’s wrong?

P1b2: No, it’s nothing.

P1b3: so, she’s not just your run-of-the-mill idiot.

P2b1a: I’ve also heard rumors about the opposing force within the kingdom.

P2b1b: may I ask how serious the situation is?

P3b1: …well,

P4b1a: besides the spirit liberation troop,

P4b1b: the number of people that don’t like how the royal family rules this country is not small.

P4b2a: also, the monsters being more active lately is proving to be a problem.

P4b2b: since there haven’t been any reports about this in the castle’s vicinity up until now

P4b2c: there’s no need to be too worried about it, but…

Page 7:
p1b1a: hmm…so you’re saying,

P1b1b: monsters didn’t used to attack humans before?

P1bb1: huh-?

P2b1a: you…

P2b1b: really did come from another world…

P2b2: that’s what I’ve been telling you this whole time.

P4b1a: monsters and humans have always been on bad terms,

P4b1b: but they would only attack when humans entered their territory.

P4b1c: they usually wouldn’t come to attack us.

P4b2: they at least have the sense to avoid danger.

Page 8:

P1b1a: but lately, they’ve been seen around human villages.

P1b1b: there have also been reports of people getting attacked.

P1b1c: this is something that has never happened before.

P2bb1: is that so…

P4b1a: hey, does that

P4b1b: have something to do with this black rock?

P4b2: the black rock?

P5b1: I don’t know…

P5b2: there were no reports of monsters carrying that rock around.

Page 9:
p1b1a: if they were carrying the rock in the first place,

P1b1b: then why were they still fine? Why didn’t it suck out their magical power?

P2b1a: yeah, I mean even though I only touched it,

P2b1b: it felt like all my magical power was going to be taken away.

P4b1: hey, do you guys…

Page 10:

P1b1: happen to know anything about that black rock…

P1b2: it seems they know.

P2b1a: but, somehow

P2b1b: their reaction

P2b2: is saying that they don’t want to talk about it.

P4b1a: …well at least the quest is done, right?

P4b1b: let’s return to the village and get the carriage, then head back.

P5b1: I agree. Worrying about it here, won’t help us.

Page 11:

P1b1: let’s head back!

P3b1a: …what’s this?

P3b1b: it’s quite noisy despite being this early in the morning.

P3bb1: I can’t even see anything with all this fog.

P3b2: maybe they’re holding a festival?

P4b1a: could it be that!?

P4b1b: they’re celebrating the success of my quest!!

P4b2: of course it’s not, you dumbass.

P4bb1: how did you even come up with that?

P5b1a: shhh

P5b1b: you two go hide in the bushes.

P5b1c: I have a weird feeling about this.

Page 12:
p1b1: royalty…princesses…

P2b1: the forest? How many…

P2b2: what’s going on? Are they looking for us?

P2b3: just who the heck are they?

P4b1: silence!

P4b2: there’s no mistaking it…

Page 13:

P1b1: they’re from the spirit liberation troop.

P2b1a: perhaps, their targets are me and Grace.

P2b1b: …but, how did they know we were here?

P3b1a: well, we did travel in such a flashy carriage,

P3b1b: of course we would get found out.

P4b1: what should we do now? Amaris-sama

P5b1a: ok!

P5b1b: time to annihilate them!!

P5b2: wait-!!
page 14:

P1b1a: settle down will ya? Despite not knowing how many enemies there are or where they are positioned,

P1b1b: you’re just gonna recklessly run right into them!?

P1b1c: didn’t gusu-kou and the pipsqueak get their magical power sucked by this black rock?

P2b1a: also,

P2b1b: it would be bad if Ama-kou fired her magic here!

P2bb1: are you trying to kill the villagers too!!

P2bb2: mmm

P2bb3: yes, that’s true…

P3b1a: c’mon

P3b1b: keep yourselves out of sight until we reach the carriage!

P4b1: …besides,

P5b1: winning by striking first was supposed to be my forte!!

P5b2: you idiots are taking it way too literally!!

Page 15:
p1b1a: hey Lilly,

P1b1b: can the carriage head out immediately?

P1bb1: I don’t see any of them around…

P2b1a: this fog is undoubtedly to our advantage.

P2b1b: I’ll leave the princesses to you.

P3b1a: yeah, got it.

P3b1b: I’m sorry that you have to do this even though you’re tired.

P4b1a: Jus-

P4b1b: just get on already!

P5b1: …now

Page 16:
p1b1a: listen here you two! Keep quiet

P1b1b: and don’t you dare do anything!!

P2b1: got it?

P3b1: yesh. Understood.

Page 17:

P1b1: what’s wrong!?

P2b1a: …it’s them.

P2b1b: we’re almost at the entrance to the village, but there are a few of them guarding it.

P3b1a: what should we do?

P3b1b: should we get off and leave this thing behind?

P4b1a: …Zero,

P4b1b: where are the princesses?

P5bb1: we are a rock…

P5b1: it’s fine, they’re behaving.

P6b1a: then, keep standing there.

P6b1b: I have a plan.

P6b2: ?

Page 18:
p1b1a: !?

P1b1b: hey, you there!
p1b1c: where are you going! Stop right there!!

P4b1: where are you going at this time of day!?

P4b2: ah, we’re heading back to the capital.

P5b1: to the capital? This early in the morning?

P5b2a: …..

P5b2b: “master, what should I do?”

Page 19:

P1b1a: huh?

P1b1b: master?

P1b1c: what is the pipsqueak talking about?

P2b1: “master?”

P3b1: what?

P4b1: an ogre!?

Page 20:

P1b1: what did you just call me!!

P1b2: *eek*

P2b1a: I’m terribly sorry,

P2b1b: but my master is quite the short-tempered person.

P3b1a: we were visiting a hot-spring near this village,

P3b1b: and now we are heading back to master’s mansion in the capital.

P4b1: just the two of you are going?

Page 21:

P1b1a: to be honest, because my master is like that,

P1b1b: it’s quite hard for him to find someone to go with.

P1bb1: if you understand what I mean?

P1bb2: ah-…

P1b2: yeah, I can certainly see that.

P2b1: *gnashing*

P2b2: I can hear you!!

P3b1a: well, I guess we can let

P3b1b: a worn-out carriage like this go.

P3bb1: it feels like we’re going to be killed if this goes on…

P3b2a: yeah, the carriage that we were told to stop

P3b2b: belongs to royalty anyway.

Page 22:
p1b1: ok, we fooled them.

P1b2: I’m not happy about this at all though-!!

P2b1: just as I planned.

P3b1a: huh?

P3b1b: what’s wrong?

Page 23:

P1b1: MASTER (laughing)

P2b1a: it went pretty well.

P2b1b: good job, Lilly

P2b1c: …and MASTER (laughing)

P3b1a: that was great.

P3b1b: as expected of Lilly and

P3b1c: MASTER (laughing)

Page 24:
p1b1: Damn it!! Hurry up so that we can return to the capital faster!!

P1b2: yes, master (laughing)

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