Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 10

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 10

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Page 1:

Writing on the left side: The Church of the 3 Heros are not the only enemies on the way to Shiltwelt…?!
Bubble: So the leader of the invading forces is a Demi-human?
Iwatani: with Demi-human, you mean like those we helped, right?
Iwatani: How did that happen?
Hoddie: Well…
Hoddie: It seems that those people have a connection to Shiltwelt
Hoddie: And don’t plan to let the Shield Hero enter the country
Éclair: That’s strange—
Éclair: Officially, in Shiltwelt Humans and Demi-humans are free and equal in rights…

Page 2:
Iwatani: So next up is an assassin sent from Shiltwelt?
Éclair: The shied hero is held in high regard by many Demi-humans
Éclair: Just by you existing you could become the trigger for a fight between the two parties……
Iwatani: seems like the whole world Is coming after my life…
Iwatani: Would it have been better if…… I wasn’t summoned in the first place?
Éclair: Iwatani-dono, that’s……

Page 3:
Iwatani: But look……
Iwatani: On the way here, we got caught up in all kinds of conflicts and brawls……
Iwatani: I don’t even know how many times I have been insulted either…
Iwatani: If it wasn’t for me, it wouldn’t have turned into such a turmoil……
Motoyasu: You’re wrong, father

Page 4:
Writing: If it weren’t for father,
Writnig: I could safely say that I’d have died foolish without knowing true love…
Motoyasu: The one who is at fault is not you,
Motoyasu: but those who are targeting you, Father.
Iwatani: Motoyasu-kun

Page 5
Éclair: The higher ups of the church are at fault for trying to eradicate you, Iwatani-dono.
Iwatani: Éclair-san……
Iwatani: you’re right…
iwatani: The heroes are fighting to save the world from the waves of calamity, right?
Éclair: Correct, you and Kitamura-dono were both summoned to this world for that reason
Éclair: For now…… our priority is to escort you safely to Shiltwelt

Page 6:
Motoyasu: Rest assured, Father
Motoyasu: Even if the whole world should turn on you, I shall eradicate all of your enemies, father!
Iwatani: Wait…
Iwatani: O… ok
Iwatani: but eradicating the whole world is overplaying your hand…

Page 7:
Writing on the left of the page: Through that brutal way to Shiltwelt, Fitorial-sama and the others are soothing my mind
Chapter 10: Fitoria-tan

Page 8:
Motoyasu: Wild Fitorial-samas everywhere…
Writing: Different from our Fitorial-samas, they have a crass and deliberate charme
Writing: Moreover, they have the tendency to group up, which seems very important to them
Writing: Their unity can’t be described with just one word, but, they just have this unique amazingness that will definitely resonate in your heart.
Yuki: Motoyasu-sama!
Yuki: Stop looking at them and look at us instead!

Page 9:
Iwatani: Could you give Yuki and the others a bit of extra attention as well?
Motoyasu: ?
Yuki: Mhhh……
Éclair: forget it, your words won’t reach him
Sakura-chan: Hm?
Sakura-chan: What does Naofumi think about them?
Iwatani: I wonder…
Iwatani: Something along the lines of “So there are wild Fitorials as well”, I guess?
Sakura-chan: I see…
Iwatani: I remember you said that in order for Fitorials to transform like Yuki and the others they need to be raised by heroes right?
Motoyasu: Correct
Iwatani: Did the past Heros not raise any?

Page 10:
Eclaire: In the past, there were a lot of anecdotes
Eclaire: Of them being the whip hero of the seven stars who was famous for raising them into strong magical beasts
Iwatani: whip hero of the seven stars?
Eclaire: Those seven heroes each got a special weapon: a Whip, a Gauntlet, a Wand, a Mallet, an Atlatl*, an Axe, and Claws.               Pr Note, basicly Archery without the Bow, Google it
Eclaire: They are different from the four heros though, mainly because even inhabitants of this world can become one of these seven heros if they strive for it

Page 11:
Writing: Why do I have the feeling that I remembered something I’d rather have forgotten…
Writing: Just by hearing the word ‘whip’ I feel sick
Writing: I know its something sad, but I can’t put my finger on it…
Iwatani: Then maybe there are other kinds of magical beasts who transform only when heroes raise them.

へー: cool!
Eclair: It turned into chaos just with Fitorials.
Éclair: So please spare me this
あはは: Ahaha
Iwatani: Since you are already teaching Yuki and the others manners, that must be hard on you as well, Eclair-san
Éclair: What are you saying?
Éclair: Aren’t you in charge of cooking for all of us, Iwatani-dono?
Iwatani: you are right

Page 12:
Éclair: What?
Motoyasu: This is?

Page 13:
Éclair: W-what…?
Éclair: What is going on?
Eclair: Don’t tell me there are assassins even amongst Fitorials?
Iwatani: They won’t attack and eat us, right?
Yuki: “She will arrive shortly”
Yuki: That is what they said…

Page 14-15

Page 16:

Page 17:
Voice: Motoyasu-kun!!
voice: Motoyasu-kun!! Keep still!!
Motoyasu: what in the world happened!?
Motoyasu: Its so dark, I can’t see anything!?
Iwatani: Don’t you remember!?
Iwatani: you just ran to the Fitorial full steam while screaming!?
Fitoria: Kya!!!

Page 18:
Fitoria: I was so scared…
Fitoria: The current four heroes are strange indeed…
iwatani: I can’t deny that… But for now, please calm down.
Writing: Oh yeah, Fitoria-tan was her name, right?
Writing: I remember Firo-tan told me about a Fitorial-sama who’s called Fitoria.

Page 19:
fitoria: So the heroes are willing to fight against the waves?
Iwatani: Yes. I am in trouble because of some human conflict, but we will do our best against the waves
Iwatani: I want to cooperate with Ren and Itsuki too.
Fitoria: If that’s the case……
Fitoria: Next
Fitoria: I want to fight the Fitorials you have been raising

Page 20
Iwatani: Hm? Why is that?
Fitoria: I am simply interested in how strong they are
Firoria: Fighting the wave is more than simply hazardous
Firoria: If they can show me their strength, I shall reward them accordingly
Motoyasu: That’s right, my (future) father spoke about it
Motoyasu: Fitoria-tan is the queen of all Fitorial-samas
Motoyasu: If you can prove your strength to Fitoria-tan, you get a special class up
Firoria: ……Why does the spear hero know all this?

Page 21:
Iwatani: well, Motoyasu-kun said that he came from a future where he had already been summoned before
Firoria: The watch of Ryūkoku
Iwatani: Do you know something about it?
Firoria: Its from so long ago that I can’t remember it clearly……
Firoria: But

Page 22:
Firoria: When the time arises, The Spear Hero will have to make a big decision
Firoria: Make sure to remember that
Motoyasu: Alriiight~
Iwatani: Scary… That sounds so important and yet he just goes “Alriiight~”…

Page 23:
Yuki: alright, let’s do our best to show our strength to Motoyasu-sama
Kou: sounds fun! I’m in!
Sakura-chan: Sakura just wants to protect everyone though……?
Iwatani: If you don’t get stronger,you won’t be able to right?
Iwatani: If your true power will be acknowledged it would be great, so give it your best
Sakura-chan: I understand—
Motoyasu: I can’t see anything at all
Motoyasu: I just wanna throw my reasoning out the window and dive onto Fitoria-tan!
Éclair: Just by sheer will power he made my skin crawl… Kimura-dono is for real…
Fitoria: I wanna go home…

Page 25:
Fitoria: Shield hero

Page 26:
Firoria: The foolish Griffin king who was wandering around this area has been brought down by someone close to here
Fitoria: due to that, the magic beasts also started to bear killing intent, so please stay safe.
Fitoria: and…

Page 27:
Iwatani: that was amazing
Éclair: Indeed. Yuki and the others also fought as hard as they could
Éclair: And still, the legendary Fitoria was far more powerful than them
Iwatani: And yet Fitoria-san ran away from Motoyasu-kun… just what in the world is he?
Éclair: Don’t say it
Motoyasu: Fitoria-tan
Iwatani: Fitoria-san said that she acknowledges the next generation of heroes
Iwatani: And the kids growing up under them……
Iwatani: If the will power of the children turns out great, one day they can follow in her footsteps as well

Page 28:
Iwatani: also, Motoyasu-kun
Iwatani: Fitoria said that you should have this. She said It’s a gift
Motoyasu: This.. This is…
Motoyasu: Fitoria-tan’s…!
Iwatani: No, that’s not it…

Page 29:
Iwatani: If you attach this feather to your spear, then the Fitorial Series will be released
Motoyasu: WHAT?!
Writing: The method to complete the Fitorial series, which my future father never explained to me?
Writing: Yet what a cruel method
Writing: A blessed gift, one which I will never be able to get a second one of, to attach it on my weapon?
Writing: I may get my hands on another one if I rewind……
Writing: Yet still, putting this feather on my spear……!!!!

Page 30:
Iwatani: ……Don’t you want it?
Motoyasu: I shall treasure it
Writing 1: I shall indeed… protect father…
Writing 2: And all the others as well
Writing bottom page: Fitoria-tan, thank you very much…<3