Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 2

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 2

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+Page 1

From the future…..?


You were talking to me….?

I’m sorry, father.

Because of the memory loss, I even forgot to see that bitch amongst all those pigs….. And that red pig escaped my sight….

And now…. Even father’s memory is gone too….!

This is him! The Shield Hero…. This is the one.

The one who took care of my beloved Firotan in the future – my father in law!

+Page 2

In the future I will made a promise with Firotan!


Well, Firotan likes a man who is earnest.

But until the world can be in peace, I will not consider those sort of things.

Besides, what more do I want from him?

Oh, that’s right…. He must be honest and treat everybody nicely.


*and that*

Doesn’t do bad things, must gamble fair and square, and have to always keep his words no matter what.

Ah! And the last thing.

He has to be a good listener.

Especially to the order of master.

Oh, and unless the world is at peace, he has to stop stalking Firotan!

I have remembered all the promises I made with Firotan!!

+Page 3

Motoyasu, you….

Don’t listen to that red pig next to you, Itsuki.


Red pig…. You’re talking about Mine!?

Think about this carefully.

How can a man who planned to rape someone be easily brought here like that?


Anyway, he also made Mine cry!

To be fooled by that pig’s fake tears…..

It’s like looking at myself of the past, how pathetic.

+Page 4

Hey…. What’re you all doing! All of you! The Spear Hero has gone mad.

Hah, you’re just a puppet working for those demons, how dare you act all high and mighty before me?


Now then, let’s go father.

Ah, yes!

+Page 5

The rise of Spear Hero.

+Page 6

From the future….?

That’s so unbelievable. You said you’re from the future…..


Please, I’m telling you the truth!

….Yeah, sorry.

How rude of me to doubt you even when you placed all your trust in me.

It seems you know clearly about things that are going to happen at the beginning.

In addition to that strength of yours… I think I can trust you.

+Page 7

Regardless, I still have to thank you for saving me, Kitamura-kun.

Receiving a word of gratitude from father is the greatest thing that ever happened in my entire life!

…..I shouldn’t say this to the one who just saved me, but can’t you please stop calling me your father?

But you are my father in law!

Then, father.

You can just call me Motoyasu, please call me by that name.



Okay then…… Motoyasu…


“kun” is not necessary.

+Page 8


I’m sorry, but I will get used to calling you like this.

*please let go




*What now!?

Please give me a moment.

Ah, wait. Where are you going?

Isn’t that the way back to the citadel?

I’m sorry, I was too angry earlier that I forgot to retrieve the weapons they took from you.

I will tear that pig to pieces and take back all the things she stole from you.


+Page 9

Hey, Motoyasu-kun.

Yes? If Itsuki and Ren have the guts to stop me, then I’ll beat the shit out of them too.

Please stop…..

Justice will always be by your side!

Please! Do you have to make me yell like this for you to listen to me!?





Being good-natured is not a bad thing, but why do I feel like he’s a bit too soft?

I can’t even imagine my previous father in law and this one as the same person.

……So this is his true self.

And this is why Firotan can turn into such a wonderful angel, isn’t it?

+Page 10

However….. You can’t keep dressing like this.

But all of my money is taken away too.

No problem. You can use mine.

Is it really okay!?


My things are yours, and your things are still yours.

You need to stop saying such creepy things……


Have you heard the news?

The Shield Hero tried to rape his companion…..

I can’t imagine how a Hero can do such a thing….

So the news has been spread…..

You people are the ones who need to thank father’s generosity.

Hey, Shield An-chan.


+Page 11

I’ve heard of it. What does it mean “raping your companion”, huh?

You’ll regret it.

*Ah…. It’s the weapon shop owner from yesterday….

You’re misunderstanding!

Huh? Who are you?

Looking at that spear, you must be the one whom people called Spear Hero, am I correct?

That’s right.

You’re getting everything wrong.

My father didn’t rape anyone!

+Page 12

I’m not talking to you.

I was talking to An-chan.




Didn’t do it……


I see.

+Page 13

I know that Shield An-chan isn’t that kind of person who can do such horrible things.


+Page 14

Come to think of it, I did feel something suspicious from that girl.

It’s from my years of experience handling all the customers that came to this place.

*Despite that, I had no proof to prove my suspicion.

Ah… This is so cute…

Oh… Yeah….


Besides…. If you did commit that crime, would you dare to run around joyfully like this?

If you get noticed, isn’t running as far as you can the best option?

*haha, I guess that’s true….

I’ll take this.

+Page 15

Now what? Do you two have any kind of plan now?


I’m naturally strong so I can also help him get stronger faster.

Aren’t Heroes not supposed to accompany each other?

That’s true.

But the weapon’s elements can be shared, I remember telling you that before, right?

Ah, you mean……

You will help me gather all the elemental attributes.

Then we’ll try the enhancement method you’ve told me earlier, that way I can be somewhat more useful in combat.

That’s is our plan for now.


Then I guess we will accompany each other for a while.

+Page 16


Am I really allowed to accompany father on his trip….?


Of course. As long as you don’t mind…..

Yes! I will obey everything you say.

Motoyasu-kun, please stop doing these kinds of things.

Hey…. This might be a little late to ask, but why am I your father in law….?


You were the one who raised this Firotan (I guess), who will be my most beloved in the future.

+Page 17

What’s with that egg?

It’s the egg of an Firorial I bought yesterday!


Oh, I forgot. You currently have no idea what’s a Firorial is.

But I think you might’ve seen it somewhere in the citadel.

This is the legendary kind of bird that looks just like Firotan, and they enjoy pulling wagons.

Ha…. Motaysu-kun seems to like monster pet very much….

It’s not like, it’s love!


You seem to be close with weird guys like this, aren’t you An-chan….?


+Page 18


Ahhh…. It’s so cute.


Eh…. Motoyasu-kun? Why do you look so depressed?

I’m not depressed.

This is definitely not Firotan.

Now I guess I should name you….

Does Kuro-chan sound good?


You name him after his color? That’s pretty straight-forward…..

Then how about Black Lightning?

*spin spin*

That might be a little too…..

Maybe Kuro-chan is fine.


+Page 19

From now on, Motoyasu will help father raise this Firorial.

I want to help to.


I have no partner, and have no other weapon beside my shield.

When I did have one, they framed me of raping….. It seems no one wants to be my partner anymore….


Then why don’t you find a slave to fight for you?

+Page 20


In the future, you will have Raftalia, she is your most trusted servant.

So there’s slave in this world….. Well it wouldn’t be that strange since it’s a fantasy world.

If we trained them to pull wagons for us, their levels will also increase too.

I will pass that…. I can’t let them do such horrible things.

+Page 21

But you of the future tossed your slave into the middle of a monster nest with a smile on your face.


How can me of the future can be such a terrible person?


I don’t want to remember those sinful past experience….

Those were such rough times for father…..

From now on, Itsuki’s position belongs to me…..

I was easily deceived by that red pig.

And I believed that it was all your fault.

+Page 22

That’s why there were no one to help you.

Father in that world had no one to trust, you always fought alone.

That’s why you had no partner, and you couldn’t trust anybody.

It was because of all those dreadful emotions that you became very cruel with your slaves.

I see…. But I guess that’s reasonable, without any companion I would turn out like that too.

I am truly sorry! That was my biggest mistake in my entire life as a Hero.


It’s okay….. Motoyasu-kun was also deceived, right? So that’s fine.

Besides, you’ve changed now, and you helped me so much.

+Page 23

But having a slave is too…..

Then we’ll pass that.

Kuro-chan might be more appropriate.


From now on, I will be Kuro-chan advance trainer. Then Kuro-chan can train you in the same way.


Oh, I see. Letting Kuro help me after she trains with you may significantly boost my power up.

That’s right!

You can sit here and have fun, or maybe have some tea and cake.

*I’ll be off then!

Wait, you’re doing that now!?

Yep… First I have to try what we discussed earlier.

I see! Then we’ll meet tonight inside this village.


+Page 24

At this point, I can somewhat repay my sin with father in the past.

Come on! Little Kuro.

+Page 25

Let’s beat these dragons up, they’re the mortal enemy of your kind.


+Page 26



So weak!

You guys are so weak!

+Page 27


Now they don’t even dare to come close to me.



I’m not finished yet…..



+Page 28

Sorry to keep you waiting, father!

Ah, Motoyasu-kun.

How’s Kuro traini…..


+Page 29



You got bigger.

What’s his level?

He’s 32 now.

That’s so fast!?

During the training, I also found some elemental attributes to put in your shield.

That’s amazing.

Insufficient level condition.

Eh? But it says I’m not meeting its level condition.

+Page 30

That’s how it is.

You just have to keep gathering and adding different kind of elemental attributes, then your shield will eventually get better.

Like what?

Any materials can form an elemental attribute.

Rock, grass, branch, everything.

You of the future used to cut monsters to pieces, then put their bones and meat into your shield.

Cutting monsters…. Hmm.

Not only can we put elements into our weapons, we can also enhance some particular elemental attributes.

Is that so….? I guess the system is quite complex, isn’t it?

+Page 31

Oh, right. Motoyasu-kun.

I was wondering what I could do myself, and then I went fishing in the river.

Is it okay for you if I cook these?


Father’s meals are always amazing, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m not that great of a cook, you know.

….Isn’t that just the me in the future?

Yep, everyone enjoyed all the meals you cooked.

+Page 32

Is that so?

Then I guess I’ll try my best.

+Page 33

My beloved Firotan….

In the name of Motoyasu, I will…..

Make you happy and create an even more beautiful future for us!

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