Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 3

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 3

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+Page 1

Haha. I’m not stupid enough to do something careless.

Ren-sama, please listen to me.

The Spear Hero said that if things get worse, he’ll make me cause a distraction, then he’ll take the chance to usurp the throne.

He plans to use us as his meat shields.

We were so scared, so we ran away.

But if we leave this place, he’ll put a bounty on our heads and we’ll be wanted for the rest of our lives.


I’m…I’m not…

+Page 2

So… you really are planning those things. You’re even worse than Naofumi – a diabolical criminal.

Guys like you that take advantage of other people’s trust are pathetic.


Please listen to me, Abazare is lying!

You have to trust me.

How can anyone trust someone like you?!

He even violates me every night…And if I resist he’ll kill my father!

That’s not true!

I was actually…


+Page 3

Would you look at him.

He’s the kind of man that only thinks about women.

If he doesn’t get one, that’s what he becomes.

I placed all of my trust in them.

But why did things turn out like this…?

Are you okay?

You’re not looking as lively as usual. This isn’t like you at all.

That’s enough…

I’m so tired of this…

If you don’t eat anything

It will be bad for your health, you know?

How about I sing you a song to cheer you up.


+Page 4


*jump up


Just a dream…

Firo-tan…I really want to see you again…

I can remember my death in the future…

But everything else…why can’t I remember even the slightest detail…?

And the reason why I went back in time is still…

+Page 6

It grew up this much after just one night?


*This feels amazing

I guess she’s a kind of demon after all.

Now, Kuro-chan, go hunt all the demons in the surrounding area with father to raise his level.


Be careful out there, father!

Ah, yeah.

Thanks a lot, Motoyasu-kun.

+Page 7


While father-in-law is busy raising his level, what should I do?

To be able to see Firo-tan again,

I have to continue buying all the eggs until the right Firo-tan hatches from one of them…

One day…Just one more day.


Money is a problem, too.

Adventurer’s trading fair.

+Page 8

If I hadn’t already known how to use enhancement at level 70, I might have need to find some assistance.

But now there’s nothing to worry about.

*Let’s just get this over with

Spear Hero!


Typhoon strike!


+Page 9

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Do you want me to kill you all?



You guys are just relying on the Shield Hero Demon, you phony Heroes!


…Why does this sound so familiar?


The Three Hero Cult!

Father was the one responsible for that wicked religion’s destruction.

If I remember correctly, it was the most popular religion in this country, right?

I see.

When I went back in time, I thought this cult had already been destroyed, but I guess it still exists

Hurry up and apologize, we might forgive you.

Or else you will face the punishment of death.

Bow down and apologize to us now.

+Page 10

Phony Hero? I don’t even know anyone with that title.

I am the Love Seeker, I exist only to find my love.

You infidel!

You think we’ll let you get away after doing that fake Hero trick?!

My father-in-law was falsely accused, but I still let it pass…

However, I don’t think insulting the Shield Hero is something that can easily be forgiven.

*chatter chatter*

A fight?

Isn’t that…

A Hero?

If you dare lay a finger on my father…

How would you feel if I immediately went to your Three Hero Cult and annihilated all of your believers, huh?

+Page 11

This is my final warning to you all.

If you have any intention of harming us!

I will not hesitate to make you all disappear!

I think you can understand what I mean.

+500 silver coins.

+Page 12

I bought more Firorial eggs!

Whoa, that’s a lot.

How has your training been going?


I’ve reached level 15.

You’re quick.

Kuro-chan used its wing strike to clear all the monsters.


+Page 13

Is it just me, or is it getting bigger?


It’s even bigger than the normal Firorials in the city….

You’re right.

I think it will be able to speak by tomorrow night.

Eh…Firorials can talk?!


+Page 14

Of course.

A Firorial is a wonderful type of demon.

Ah… That’s incredible.

There weren’t many strange things like talking animals in our world. Such things could only happen in dreams.

As expected of a fantasy world.


Oh, I think it’s almost time to prepare dinner now.

Sure thing.

+Page 15



Huh? Who’s that?


Father, stand back.

It must be those guys I took the money from yesterday.


Do not open the door! They might attack you!

About that…

We apologize…

For disturbing you…

+Page 16

I am…

A messenger from the Siltwort region.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Shield Hero and Spear Hero. Could you spare some time to listen to my story?

A messenger from Siltwort…

I heard that their kingdom’s ruler is a tyrant.

So basically, his story is…

After hearing about the summoning of the 4 Heroes, it seems this guy has come to offer his kingdom’s assistance to father, who was framed in Melomark.

+Page 17

That’s the story, so…

My level is fairly high now, so I think I can consider this option.

What do I do now?


Going to another kingdom might not be a bad choice…

We don’t necessarily have to fight for this country, right?

If they acknowledge me as a Hero then I think I can at least help them fight.

I understand.

This kingdom did give you a hard time.


+Page 18


Even though it’s a little sad, it’s worth finding out what Siltwort can offer to you.

You’re right…

I can’t keep relying on Motoyasu-kun like this.

This is a good opportunity so I think I’ll accept it.

I’m relieved that you also accept this too.

+Page 19

Thank you so much, Shield Hero.

*Goodbye, Kuro-chan



+Page 20

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

If you happen to visit Siltwort by chance, remember to pay me a visit. I’ll be happy to see you again.

I understand.

After I finish my objective, I will immediately rush to your side.



It was thanks to you, Motoyasu-kun….

You were the one who saved me from being deceived.

That’s why…

I’m really grateful!

+Page 21

Even though there’s a difficult journey ahead,

I will try my best!

I will definitely repay you!


We will surely meet again!

+Page 22

I want to accompany him, but I can’t right now.

I still have things to do in this kingdom…

That’s right. I have a duty to become the worthy owner of Firo-tan.

That night.

+Page 23

Kuro-chan transformed into her angel form.

And it’s been 2 days since father left.

*thud thud thud*


Kuro-chan wants to go out more!

+Page 24

Did you just buy new eggs today?

It’s enough to form a soccer team, you know.

That’s right.

I already have 7 Firorials in total.

Kuro-chan was the first to turn into angel form, and now I have 4 more.

This is still not enough!

You’re done buying your eggs, so why don’t we go out to have fun and beat up some demons!?

That’s right! We can’t forget our mission to defeat the evil in this world.

+Page 25

I have to consider looking for more training grounds to raise Kuro-chan’s level in the future….



What’s with these icons….?

Why did they pop up all of a sudden….?



+Page 26


+Page 28

Oh Brave Heroes!

Please help us save this world!

What is this?


Where am i?

+Page 29


+Page 30



There’s something…

Who are you calling father?


You drowsy or something?

+Page 31

…What’s… going on…?

That look he’s giving me…

It’s like the first day after he was saved from being falsely accused.

And my current Firorials from the pet list are all gone…

*No registration yet






Why did I go back in time again?

Doesn’t this look like the kind of miracle that only happens once?

+Page 32

If there really is an event that triggers the time reversal.

The first time was after my death, it went back to the day we were summoned here.

But I surely didn’t die this time.

Could it be…

The best way to confirm this is to test my theory out.


What’s wrong?

Hey, why do you know my name….

*Heroes, please come this way

+Page 33

This is punishment for tricking father!

Brunak X



What are you…..


+Page 34

Oh Brave Heroes!

Please help us save this world!

What is this?


Where am i?

So I was right.


Just to make sure, let’s try another one.


Eh? What?

Why do you know my…

Cosmic spear X!


+Page 35

Oh Brave Heroes!

What is this?


It’s true…

I don’t know why but this spear, the Minute Hand of Ryugon –

it seems that its ability is to go back to the time of the summoning every time a Hero dies.

+Page 36

So it’s possible that the blinking icon is to inform me that a Hero has fallen.

That means after separating from me,

for some unknown reason, father died.

I can never forgive myself.


I should have repaid everything you did for me, but when you were in danger I couldn’t even be by your side!

*hey hey

*what are you doing?

+Page 37

I have to rethink my plan.

I have to figure out what I must do to be able to see Firo-tan again.

But looking at the situation right now, I have to protect father at all cost.

*Are…. are you really okay?

I want to become Firo-tan’s owner.

I want to see Firo-tan again.

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