Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 4

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 4

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Page 1

Text on the side of the page: We now know that if a hero dies, Motoyasu can travel back in time. What will happen next!?

P1B1: Hey…

P2b1 Uh? What is it?

P2b2: It’s your turn to introduce yourself…

P3b1: Oh!

P3B2: I’m Motoyasu Kitamura, I’m ….

P4b1: Humm …

P5B1: So, you are Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki.

P5b2: D…

Page 2

P1b1: Don’t ignore fatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!

P1SFX: Triggered

P2b1: Uh!?

P2SFX: shiver

P3b1: Father!?

P4b1: Ah crap…!

P4b2: I need to maintain a good image in front of my father in law if I want him to let me marry Firo-tan!

Page 3:

P1b1: Sorry… You look just like the father of someone precious to me, so it slipped from my mouth…

P1b2: o…ok… Do I look that old though?

P1b3: No no, he’s exactly like you, so he’s young as well.

P1b4: How old is the girl you like!?

P2b1: More importantly…

P2b2: Father, please leave this place together with me!

P2T1: Right now!

P2SFX: grab

P2b3: Wha?! Why?

P3b1: I came from the future!

P3b2: If you stay here, you will be trapped again and falsely accused!

P4b1: What!?

P4b2: Wha…What do you mean?

Page 4:

P1b1: This country’s king, Melromarc, is planning to persecute you father!

P1b2: If we let him do as he pleases you will end up suffering a lot!

P2b1: Uhh… Really?

P2Sfx: Grrrr

P3b1a: That’s nonsense…

P3b1b: Our country is committed to treating the four heroes equally and respectfully.

P3b2: Spear hero, please calm down a bit.

P4b1: I wish you could explain to us how we got here in the first place….

P4b2: “I came from the future” … what a way to introduce yourself…

P4b3: Motoyasu, apparently you were wrong.

P4b4: I’m not lying!

P5b1: Oink!

Page 5

P1b1: Oink, oink?

P1b2: oink, oink, oink

P2b1: N..Nice to meet you.

P2b2: …Uh, ok.

P3b1: That red pig … it’s her…

P3b2: oink, oink

P4b1: That may be the case.

P4b2: Hum, that makes sense…

P4b3: What is that pig saying…?

P5b1a: Uh?

P5b1b: The side of effects of the summoning might be affecting your memories.

P5b1c: That’s what she said.

P5T1: That’s why you are acting weird…

P5b2: What did you just say red pig bitch!


Page 6

P1b1: oink, oink, oink

P1b2: Uh?

P2b1: That’s sounds good.

P2b2: We will send the shield hero to a country called Shiltvelt, where he will be welcomed.

P3b1: …Uh , ok…

P3T1: That indeed sounds like a fine idea.

P3T2: But why did they change their stance all of sudden?

P4b1: The carriage for Shiltvelt will be ready tomorrow, until then please take time to rest.

P4b2: We will show you to your personal rooms.

Page 7

P1b1: I will stay with father.

P1T1: Please wait for me !

P1b2a: Please could you stop following me around?

P1b2b: I’ll listen to what you have to say later.

P1b3: …

P2b1: …Father ordered me, so I can’t help it…

P2T2: What a shame …

P2b2: Well I can always go rescue him if something bad happens….

P3b1a: But father appears like he doesn’t like me being around…

P3b1b:  Did I do something wrong?

P3SFX: Staring…

P3b2: Or maybe I was too pushy ….

P4T1: Now that I think about it, it’s supposed to be the first time I meet father…

P4T2: I can’t expect to be trusted so easily…

P4T3: depressed…

Page 8

P2b1: Spear hero-sama please come this way.

P3b1: Uh?

P3b2: Where is this place?

P3T1: Everyone is gone…

P3b3: Were there other rooms in this direction?

P4b1: Please wait there.

P5SFX: *push*

Page 9

P2T1: …A trap…!

P7T1: What a bunch of fools… I’m gonna kill them all….

P8T1: But I fell quite a lot… how am I going to get up there…?

Page 10

P1T1: Humm?

P2T2:  wind?

P3sfx: Glow

P4sfx: Booom

P5sfx: Crumble…

Page 11:

P4b1: I never knew there was a place like this in this castle…

P5b1a: Hey

P5b1b: You don’t look familiar… Are you a guard serving Melromarc?

P6b1: Father is in danger. I have no time to waste talking with that prisoner girl…

P8T1: Wait a second..

Page 12:

P2b1: Why are you staring?

P2b2:  It’s my first time seeing you here… who are you?

P3T1: Why doesn’t she look like a pig?

P3T2:  And that face, I’ve seen it somewhere before….

Page 13:

P1b1: Oh! It’s sister in law’s friend! I can’t remember anything else about her though…

P1b2: If it’s Firo-tan’s sister’s friend, she must be a very good person

P1b3:  that why she isn’t a pig!

P2b1: Nod, nod

P3b1: More importantly how did you end up here?

P3b2: Me?


Page 14:

P1b1: …I got captured for punishing allied soldiers who killed demi-humans …

P1b2: I’m not even a knight anymore…

P2b1a: If I can stay alive until the queen comes back I may be freed

P2b1b: …but I have little hope…

P3T1: So, she will remain imprisoned here until the queen returns…

Page 15:

P1b1: Now it’s your turn, you didn’t tell me who you are.

P1b2: I’m the spear hero who got summoned today by Melromarc.

P1b3a: What!?

P1b3b: Why is a hero in such a place!?

P2b1: Because I was trapped, and I fell down a hole

P3b1: They trapped a hero? Why is that!?

P4b1a: I don’t expect you to believe me,

P4b1b:  but I came from the future.

P4b2: And I told everyone that that pig princess and the king intended to put down the shield hero.

Page 16:

P1b1a: Hmm….I wouldn’t be surprised

P1b1b if those two were scheming something to laugh at the shield hero’s suffering

P1b2: while helping the other 3 heroes…

P2b1: But if they do something like that, the countries lead by demi-humans won’t let it happen.

P3b1: In the timeline that I came from, father’s achievement lead to the disbandment of the religion of the three heroes

P3b2: and he will be treated well after the queen’s return.

P3b3: So, there is a timeline like that…

P4b1a: I guess…

P4b1b:  all this time in prison has driven me mad.

P4b2: To think I would try to believe such nonsense…

Page 17:

P1b1: But if …

P2b1: You are not an illusion my mind created

P2b2:  let me out of here.

P3b1: I have things I must protect. My land, my people… my father’s words and my discipline.

P3b2a: I will be punished more severely after leaving here…

P3b2b: but for now, I need to know the truth!

P4b1: I understand!

P4b2: If they ask for help I, Motoyasu, swear I will save everyone related to father!

Page 18:

P1b1: It’s an emergency!

P2b1: The king got attacked by the spear hero…!

P2sfx: *panic*

P2b2: Do something!

P2b3: Call more guards!

P3b1: Gasp!

P4b1: Hey you piece of trash…

P4b2: Where is father?

P5b1: Y…You are misunderstanding something spear hero…

Page 19:

P1b1: Earlier, envoys from Shiltvelt came to escort the shield hero.

P2b1: And those demi-humans tried to kill you using our castle’s traps

P2b2: but they committed suicide when we tried to capture them.

P3b1: Your majesty

P3b2 That explanation lacks credibility!

P4b1a: !?

P4b1b:  You are the Seaetto girl we imprisoned…

P4b2: Eclair Seaetto!?

P5b1: Why are you here! Did you break out!?

P6b1: Kimura-dono, freed me so that I can know the truth!

Page 20:

P1b1a: Your majesty, it’s not too late yet!

P1b1b:  Please refrain yourself from trying to trap the shield hero!

P1b2: The queen wouldn’t allow it!

P2b1: My wife’s desires are mine too!

P2b2:  Go back to your prison cell you criminal!

P3b1: I understand your majesty’s thoughts.

P3b2: But, I am going to help the spear hero catch up to the shield hero.

P4b1: I will accept your punishments….

P4b2: once the queen approves them.

P5b1: So…now we are done talking.

Page 21:

P1b1: Any last words before you leave this world?

P1b2a: What!?

P1b2b: Do you intend to kill me spear hero?

P1b3: I said I would listen to what you had to say, but I never promised to keep you alive.

P2b1: Kimura-dono…

P2b2: Could you please leave your judgement for later?

P2b3: But isn’t it better to remove weeds like him while we can?

P2b4: Please restrain yourself!

P3b1: Pff… If Eclea insists, I’ll leave him be this time… (TL note: Eclair is pronounced Eclea in Japanese)

P3b2: My name is Éclair!

Page 22:

P2SFX *rattle *

P2b1a: We are really in another world right… ?

P2b1b: It still feels unreal…

P2b2:  I wonder if there are demons and stuff like that at night?…

P3SFX: stop

P4b1: Humm?

P4b2: Is something wrong? Why have we stopped?

P5b1: You got fooled so easily! What an idiot.

P5Sfx: shiver

P5b2: Eh… ?

Page 23:

P1b1: Geez, bringing you all the way here, was a such a pain. We should have killed you right away.

P1b2a: I guess the king didn’t want the other heroes to be suspicious about him disappearing?

P1b2b: It would have been bad if they felt threatened and ran away.

P2Sfx: Going pale

P2b1: Ahh …

P2b2: So, this is what Motoyasu was trying to warn me about!?

P3b1: It’s already too late shield hero!

P4b2: Uh?

Page 24:




P2b2: Wha…Who the hell is that!?

Page 25:

P1b1: Lightning…

SFX *crackle*

P2b1: Spear!

P3b1: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Page 26:

P1b1: One left… I won’t let you escape…

P1Sfx *targeting*

P2t1a: I haven’t used this skill in a while…

P2t1b: It has high armor penetration, but the damage is mediocre.

P2t2: Enemy locked on.

P3b1: Aiming lancer X!

P7b1: Guaaaaaaa!

Page 27:

P1b1: Father, are you alright?

P1b2: Mo.. Motoyasu….

P1b3: Yes, I’m… fine….

P2b1a: Um…

P2b1b: Motoyasu-kun …. Thank you…

P2b2: For saving me.

P2sfx: *tremble*

P3b1: You don’t need to thank me!

P3b2: It’s my duty to protect you!

P3SFX embarrassed

Page 28:

P3b1: Haah haah … I finally … caught up ….

P4b1: You are … Eclea-san?

P4b2a: I’m not!

P4b2b:  My name is Eclair Seaetto.

P4b3a: A lot happened, and I came here to help shield hero-dono while following Kitamura-dono.

P4b3b: Kitamura-dono I didn’t think you could actually catch up to a carriage on foot…

P5b1: …So what Motoyasu-kun said was true.

P5b2a: Princess Malty told me the escorts from Shiltvelt arrived earlier than expected so they decided that I should depart tonight.

P5b2b: I never thought something like that would happen…

Page 29:

P1b1: Father please don’t be sad!

P1b2:  I, Motoyasu and Eclea are here for you.

P1b3: That’s right, I will help you shield hero-dono.

P2b1: We should either go to Shiltvelt or Shildfreeden, where the shield hero will be treated well.

P2b2: Yes… that sounds good.

P3b1a: Melromarc, did this so I wouldn’t join these two countries, right?

P3b1b: I don’t plan to do as he wishes.

P4b1: That’s more like it father!

P4b2a: Haha … I’m starting to get used to being called father by you, Motoyasu-kun.

P4b2b: I’ll be in your care.

P4b3: Yes!

Page 31:

P1b1: We’ve finally arrived at the border but…

P2b1: It’s strange that there are so many troops on that watchpoint.

P3b1: It feels like there are more guards in that fort as well …

P3b2: It’s clearly not a coincidence…

P4b1: We could try to hide shield hero-sama in a carriage, what do you think?

P4b2: That’s not a bad idea but…

P5b1: Considering Iwatani-dono’s level it would be really bad if we were to be caught.

P5T1: Sorry …

P5B2: That true… what should we do …

Page 32:

P1b1: This is my time to shine

P1b2: I’ll look for a clear path, so please stay hidden until I’m back.

P1b3: Eh? You are going alone? Isn’t that dangerous?

P2Sfx burst in tears

P2b1: Motoyasu-kun!?

P2b2: It’s nothing I’m just … touched by father’s kindness!

P2b3: Did I say anything special!?

P2b4: Iwatani-dono, I think you should get used to Kitamura-dono’s weirdness …

P4b1: Motoyasu-kun?

P5b1: Alright, I’ll be back!

P5b2: Ah…!

Page 33:

P3b1: Spear hero! Tell us where the shield demon is!

P3b2a: I don’t know.

P3b2b: More importantly I’d like to cross the border.

P3b3: You shall not! You better tell us where the shield demon hides!

P4b1: If you refuse …

P4sfx: Grin

Page 34:

P1T1: It must be these guys who killed father in the first-time travel.

P1T2: The escort from Shiltvelt must have tried to cross the border here, but they were probably attacked.

P2t1: Before the time travel, father wasn’t trying to go to another country…

P2t2a: That’s probably why he survived…

P2t2b:  the king really doesn’t want father to leave huh …

P3b1: I’ll repeat one more time. Let me cross the border

P3b2: Or I’m going to kill you all.

P4b1: Ha! You fool. He is an imposter!

P4b2:  Kill him!

Page 35:

P1b1: Mass ritualistic magic “Judgement”

P2b1a: Foolish imposter!

P2b1b: You’ll regret your stubbornness!

P2Sfx : *rumble*

P3b1 : Hahahaha !!!

P4Sfx :* shine*

Page 36:

P1b1: I hope he is doing fine alone…

P2b1a: I think he should be fine.

P2b1b: Kitamura-dono is absurdly powerful even from my perspective. And so is his personality…

P2b2: Why are you so worried about Kitamura-dono?

P3b1: I hope it was just my imagination but…

P4b1: Motoyasu-kun was trembling…

P5b1: I thought maybe in his timeline this place was really dangerous and…

P5b2: He sacrificed himself to protect us…

Page 37:

P1SFx Booom

P2b1: No… don’t tell me …!

P3b1: …

P4b1: We have to help him!!

P4b2: Iwatani dono! It’s dangerous!

P5b1: What happened here?…

P5b2: Motoyasu-kun …?


Page 40:

P1b1: gasp! That smell…

P1b2a: Father!?

P1b2b: I told you to stay hidden until I clear the path, right?

P2b1: Iwatani-dono was worried so…

P2b2: Erm…

P2b3: Is that so! I’m so happy my tears won’t stop!!!!

P2b4: Stop doing that already …

P3b1: I was worried because you were trembling back then…

P3b2a: Was I?

P3b2b:  oh…

P4b1: That’s because I haven’t been able to smell Firorial recently!

P4T1Withdrawal symptoms

P4sfx: fidget fidget

P4b2: I miss her so much!!!!

P4b3: Firorial …?

P4t2: Who’s that…?

Page 41:

P1b1: You did this right…?

P1b2: Yes, I did!

P1b3: So, heroes can become this strong…

P2b1: Father from my timeline was even stronger and he could protect me during fights even if I was his enemy.

P2b2a: I wish I could go back in time

P2b2b: and kill the Motoyasu who was badmouthing father!

P3b1a: There are casualties… right?

P3b1b: Don’t you think you did too much?

P3b2: Sometimes you can’t hold back in order to protect yourself and what is dear to you!

P4b1: Alright father!

P4b2:  Let’s keep going!

Page 42

P1b1: Motoyasu-kun may actually be the scariest person of them all …

P5b2: I guess it’s in these moments you can use the line “I’m glad he is on our side” from all these manga’s.

P5b3: Come on we should get going!

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