Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 5

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Firorial breeder

Page 1

P1box1a: It has been two days since we got through the border

P1box1b: Right now we’re on the road leading to Shiltvelt

P1box2: According to Eclair this road is often used when a war breaks out between Shiltvelt and Merlomarc so it’s been covered in blood numerous times.

P2b1: How long is it going to take us to get to Shiltvelt by carriage?

P2b2: Usually more than 3 weeks

P2b3: That’s quite far …

P3b1: It wouldn’t take more than two weeks with Firorial-sama though!

P3text: that’s impressive

P3b2: Were firorial that fast compared to horses?

P4sfx: *looking for something*

P5sfx: *pick up*

Page 2

P1text1: I miss Firorial-sama so much….

P1b1: That’s….


P1b1: …

P1b2: The feather you found on the road earlier right? ….

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Bottom left text: chapter 5: Firorial breeder


P1b1: S… So you really like Firorials don’t you ?

P1b2a: Erm if you want one that badly we could get one on our way to Shiltvelt

P1b2b: It would be nice to take a break at a nearby town too.

P3b1: Really ?!

P3sfx: *radiant*

P3b2: Y… Yes…

P4b1a: If you insist let’s get one !

P4b1b: There will probably be pastures in that direction !

P4b2: I’ll not ask why you know in which direction we must go to find pasturage even though you said you didn’t know much about the region …

Page 5

P2b1: *caw*

P2b2: *caw*

P3b1: I found heaven !!

P4b1: Who are you ?

P5b1: I’m a man hunting for love !

P5b2: Who the hell are you !

P6b1a: Nevermind…

P6b1b:  What do you want?

P6b2:  I would like to buy a Firorial-sama’s egg

Page 6

P1b1: Why do you want a firorial?

P2b1: Why? I don’t have any reason in particular…

P2b2: Would you ask people why they breathe ?

P3b1a: What are you even talking about?….

P3b1b: I wanna know what you’re going to do with an egg.

P3b2a: I will love all firorials equally!

P3b2b: I will love them all as if there were my children, no matter how fast or slow, how strong or weak, how intelligent or dumb they may be… I will cherish them equally…

P3b3: That’s not what I asked!  …

P4b1: …. Do you really like Firorials?

P4b2: Don’t tell me you want to eat them ?

P4b3: There’s no way I could eat Firorials?!

P4sfx: *shocked*

Page 7

P1b1: Then what breed is this one?

P1b2: Is it a Filitelt breed?

P2b1: Actually it’s mixed with a Firobred breed.

P2b2a:  The generation before was probably a Fisauzan breed…

P2b2b: And there is a bit of Fidermeo in there as well .

P2sfx: *rambling , rambling*

P3b1: These Fiorial-samas seem to be from breeds that run fast… These breeds are often seen in Zeltbul’s Firorial races as well.

P3b2: Which means you are trying to create a breed that would be the best racer right?

P4b1: Even though they’re fast, it seems like their legs are to be worried.

P4b2: I think you shouldn’t worry too much about their weight and feed them well so they don’t hurt themselves

Page 8

P1b1: That’s right you have good eyes… I’m impressed you got the breed right just by looking.

P1b2: It’s the power of love !

P2b1: I felt your passion

P2b2: I’ll sell you a good one. Ok ?

P2b3: Thank you but I’d rather have a lot of Firorials even if they’re cheaper ones…

P3b1a: You’re an interesting guy.

P3b1b: Then I’ll give you two other cheap ones I intended to sell to a demonic beast merchant.

P4b1: Really ?!

P4b2: Thank you so much !

Page 9

P1b1: I wonder what they will be like ! I cant wait to see them hatch !

P1sfx*doki doki*

Page 10

P1b1: …

P1b2: You really bought 3 …?

P2b1a: Well I guess they’ll be useful if we want to move quickly but…

P2b1b: It will take some time until we get to ride them…

P2b2: Yes, they are only eggs after all… How long will it take?

P3b1: If it’s as transportation… it’ll take about two weeks for a veteran to train them.

P4b1: It’s ok, they’ll be ready within 2 days after they hatch !

P4sfx: *creak*

P4b2: No way… That’s way too fast even for you …

Page 11

P1b1: Pfew…

P1b2: I don’t have any motion sickness, but we were so cramped in that carriage…

P2b1:We were in it for two whole days after all

P3sfx: *shut*

P4b1a: Our pursuers won’t think we would be hiding in a beast people’s bar

P4b1b: We’ll be able to rest for some time

P5b1: It’s definitely better than the carriage… but we still need to hide uh…

P5sfx: puff

P6b1a: Yeah you should…

P6b1b: If you want something you can ask me anytime, I’ll go out and buy it for you.

P6b2: Humm… we do have food

Page 12

P1b1: I guess a bath would be nice …

P1b2: Is having personal baths common in this city ?

P2b1: No, but we could simply put hot water in a barrel

P2b2: Oh, that’ll do just fine .

P3b1: Water in which the great shield hero washed himself could be sold to passionate believers of our cults. It could be a source of income don’t you think ?

P3sfx: *creeped out*

P3b2: Please don’t sell that !

Page 13

P1b1: What should we do about guarding father while he is bathing?

P1b2: Hum ? I intended to go watch over him.

P1b3: Eclair-san you will be watching over me while I’m bathing?!

P2b1: That’s not what I meant Iwatani-dono!

P2b2a: I will watch over you as a bodyguard and nothing more !

P2b2b: There are no dirty thoughts in my mind!

P2sfx: *embarrassed*

P3b1a: Hahaha

P3b1b: I, Motoyasu will protect father during that time.

P3b2: Eclair you could go to the public bath during that time if you want.

P4b1: Then I’ll have my allies guarding miss Seatto during that time.

P4sfx: *oink*

P4b2a: Hum… considering how strong you are I guess there is nothing to worry about.

P4b2b: I’ll accept your proposition

Page 14

P1b1: Iwatani-dono…

P1b2: It seems like you’re misunderstanding something I am not …

P1b3a: Yes, I got it I’m sorry .

P1b3b: I shouldn’t have reacted like that.

P2b1: Erm

P2b2: Please just think about me as an ally

P3b1: I will, you are a precious ally after all.

P4t1: What is this awkward situation…

P4b1: ?

Page 15

P1b1a: How is the temperature?

P1b1b: I can adjust it with magic

P1b2a: It’s fine

P1b2b: Are you going to bathe too Motoyasu-kun?

P1b3: I will once you’ll finish, father.

P2b1: Father.

P2b2: Yes?

P2b3: What were you talking about with Eclair earlier?

P3b1: Ah… that’s…

P3b2: Sorry.

P3b3: I’m not in that sort of relationship with her or anything but…

P4b1: Eclair-san and everyone else…

P4b2: Give me special treatment because I am the shield hero right?

Page 16

P1b1: Some told me that when we get to Shiltvelt, I’ll have occasions to arrange marriage and I could marry beautiful women…

P1b2: But I don’t want to be in a relationship… let alone a harem yet…

P2b1: …

P2b2: It seems like the envoys from Shieltvelt are giving needless information to father

P3b1: That’s dangerous…

P3b2a: Yes… That princess from Merlomarc was very pretty too but I need to think that they could be a way to trick me.

P3b2b: Shiltvelt may not differ on that point.

P3b3: You are right father. Even in other countries you should be wary of pigs trying to seduce you.

Page 17:

P1b1: I’ve never had a girlfriend before so I might be weak to this kind of attack

P2b1: Women who approach you only for your looks or rank are all pigs.

P2b2: Father.

P3b1a: Until you think

P3b1b: A person is irreplaceable and dear to you

P4b1: You must not open your legs.

P4b2a: Open your legs?! …

P4b2b: But I get what you’re saying

Page 18

P1to4sfx: *cooking sounds*

P5b1: That’s all I can do to thank you …

P6b1: Our duty is to protect the shield hero !

P6b2: Everyone ! We will protect him even if it costs us our lives!

P6sfx: *cheers*

P6b3: Yeah!!


P1b1: Motoyasu-kun would you like some alcohol?

P1b2: No thank you .

P2b1: By the way, do you like alcohol father?

P2b2a: Erm…

P2b2b: Actually I’ve never felt drunk, so I don’t really like it

P3b1a: When others get drunk they tend to mess around

P3b1b: And it’s tiring to listen to people repeating things over and over again.

P3text: Hero-sama~

P4text: Now I remember that father doesn’t get drunk at all.

P5text1: That was a while back…

P5text2: I once ate a lucol fruit doubting the rumor that father could eat them without getting drunk and I collapsed .

P5text3: I was so drunk it felt like hell.

Page 20

P1sfx1: *Oink oink?*

P1b1: That pig was with me too, what a nightmare… thinking back at it makes me want to throw up.

P1sfx2: Ugh…

P2b1a: Those from the cult of the three heroes…

P2b1b: It seems like they really don’t want Iwatani-dono to go to Shiltvelt.

P3b1a: When we went to the public baths earlier…

P3b1b: commotions were caused by people who looked like drunk adventurers

P3b2: They were acting as adventurers but that was undoubtedly our pursuers from the cult.

Page 21

P1b1a: I guess it can’t be helped since we are still close to Meliomarc.

P1b1b: I think it’s only a matter of time before they find out that we’re hiding here.

P2b1: Then let’s make father strong enough so even if he gets attacked he will be able to beat them up!

P2b2: Is that possible?

P5b1: The preparations will be ready by tomorrow.

Page 22

P1b1: Motoyasu-kun!

P2b1a: There is a crack in one of the eggs

P2b1b: It’ll hatch soon !

P3&4sfx: *crack*

P4b1: Tweet!

P5b1: Woa… it’s completely white !

P5b2: A white Firorial uh ….

Page 23

P1text: It’s so cuuuuuuute

P1sfx: *rub rub*

P1b1: Eclair-san do you think about princes on white horses as a romantic symbol?

P1b2: I wonder how you’ll express these things in this world.

P2text: Humm..

P3b1: A hero riding a white pegasus…

P3b2: Or a hero riding a white griffin…

P3b3: A white dragon would be good too

P4text: Is that so…

P4b1: So the hero is a staple?

P5text: Ahh… ahh …

P5b1: It is but these dreams were …

P5text2: glance

P6b1a: How rude!

P6b1b:  Father would be beautiful while riding a Firorial-sama!

P6sfx: Triggered

P6b2: I was looking at you Kimura-dono !

Page 24

P1sfx: *crack*

P1b1: tweet!

P1b2: tweet!

P2b1: How shall we name them ?

P2b2: Using their colors would be easy, Motoyasu-kun do you have any other ideas?

P3b1: Pink!

P3b2: That’s too simple !

P3b3: Umu … I think we can find something better…

P4b1: Then could you name them father? I’m sure pink will like it.

P5b1: Humm … let me think…


P1b1: Alright thanks to father you are now…

P2b1: Yuki-chan

P2text: Pure white like the snow

P3b1: Kou

P3text: Who has vivid yellow feathers like lightning

P4b1: And Sakura-chan !

P4text: Of a gentle pink color like cherry blossom.

P5b1a: Sakura-chan it’s a shame…

P5b1b: If your pink color was just a bit lighter you would have looked just like Firo-tan

Page 26

P5text1: No dragon this time uh ?

P5text2: It seems like we have a lot of demonic beasts which look like griffins and dinosaurs around here.

P5b1: I need to grind as many levels for the Firorials until tomorrow night. And I have to get a present for father as well !

Page 27

P1b1: Brunac X !

P1sfx: *boom*

P2b1: Hahahaha !

P2b2: tweet!

P2b3: tweet!

P2b4a: Weak !

P2b4b: You are too weak !

P3b1: Aiming lancer X !

P3sfx: *glow*

Page 28

P1sfx: Boooom

Page 29:

P2b1: All the loot I got is getting harder to carry …

P2b2: I guess I’ll come back to get these things later.

P3b1: Tweet~

P3b2a: Tweet~

P3b2b: tweet tweet.

P3sfx: *sleeping peacefully*

P3b3: Their sleeping faces look so cute !

Page 30:

Sfx: intimidating

Sfx: stomp

Page 31:

P2b1: I heard a man

P2b2: was rampaging inside my vast territory. You will ….

Page 32:

P1Sfx: *dismantling*

P2b1: Tomorrow’s lunch will be a feast !

P2b2 He was rambling something earlier wasn’t he ? So there are griffons that can talk too .

P3b1: Oh that armor looks nice.

P3b2: I’ll give it to father as a present when I get back to town tomorrow night!

Footer: I drew a wide panel for that final boss but he got one shot …

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