Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 6

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 6

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Yari no yuusha no yarinaoshi ch6

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P1under the title: Chapter 6: Camping

Lefttxt: I will kill anyone who stand in father’s way.


P4b1: I’m back

P4b2: Kitamura-dono!

P5b1: Hmm?


P1b1a: I’ve heard that there are incidents and fires starting in the city.

P1b1b: They’re most likely caused by our pursuers from the Three Heroes’ Cult.

P2b1: Oh, that’s why the town was oddly agitated…

P2backgroundb1: Say your prayers!

P2b2: What an annoying cult.

P2backgroundb2: kyaaa

P3b1: I wanted to get a bit more preparation done here but…

P3b2: if we don’t leave now, the number of casualties will keep growing.


P1text: It’s a good opportunity.

P1b1: There’s no problem.

P2b1: I’ve invited you to join my party.

P2box: You have joined “Protect Father Squad” //it is supposed to sound a bit stupid

P2b2: Hm… I’ve joined.

P2b3: What are we going to do now?

P3b1: Alright, come this way.

P3b2: Kitamura-dono?!

P4b1: They will see you if you go out from the front d…

P4b2: Here he is!!

P4b3: Over here!!


P1b1: tss…!

P2b1: Alright, let’s go!

P2b2: !?

P3b1: Wait a second, Motoyasu-kun!

P4b1: Don’t tell me you’re going to blow up the entire ci…!?


P1b1: Portal Spear!

P3b1: Wha…

P4b1: They…disappeared…?

P4b2: These demons … they can do all sorts of tricks…

Skipping page7

Page8 :

P1b1: Wh…

P1b2: Where are we…?

P1txt: This looks like a wasteland…

P2b1: Yuki-chan everyone where are you  ?

P2b2: Mo…Mo…Mo… Motoyasu-kun.

P3b1: What you did just now… It was a skill, right?

P3b2: Something pretty amazing just happened, right?

P4b1: Hmm?

P4b2: You mean the portal spear?


P1b1a: So you can even teleport…

P1b1b: Can’t you send us to Shiltvelt with it?

P2b1: No, I can only go to places I’ve saved.

P2txt: Is that so…

P2b2a&b: *rustle*

P3b1: Gua!

P3b2: Woah!



P1b1: Are you Sakura-chan?!

P1b2: Gua!

P2b1: Is it supposed to grow this big in only two days?

P2b2: Amazing! Do you still remember me?

P3b1a&b: Gua!

P3b2a: Hahaha

P3b2b: Even though you’ve grown, you’re still very cute.

P4b1: What level is she?

P4b2: 40


P1b1a: 40!?

P1b1b: In only two days !?

P1b2: That was quick. Is this the norm?

P1b3: It is extremely abnormal!

P2b1: It’s normal.

P2b2: munch

P2b3: What is normal for him anyway…

P3b1: We will camp here tonight. Is that okay with everyone?

P3b2a: I’m worried about the pursuers catching up to us, but…

P3b2b: we’ll probably be fine for now.


P2b1: So…

P2b2: heavy…

P3b1a: Hmm?

P3b1b: Looks like you didn’t have the requirements to equip this

P3b2: We’ll need to have you level up first.

P4b1: Y..yeah

P4b2a: It would be a waste if I can’t use this armor you gave me…

P4b2b: it looks like something a boss would drop.


P1b1: Now that I think about it, do you have ingredients for cooking?

P2b1: Of course! They’re in the carriage with the ingredients we will use to strengthen you!

P3b1: Th…this much?!

P4b1: I will modify the carriages so firorials can pull them.

P4b2: Let me help you.

P4b3: Uhh … let’s see… I’ll use this and that and…

Page 14

P4sfx: *stomach rumble*

P4b1: Woah!

P5b1: Don’t bother Father while he is cooking, okay?

P5b2: Gua!


P1b1: Will they eat too?

P1b2: Firorials are omnivorous, so they can eat anything.

P2b1: Is that so… should I make more then?

P2b2: What are you making?

P2b3: You’ll figure out soon.

P3b1: It will lose a bit of flavor, since there are supposed to be a lot more steps to follow but…

P3b2a: In the ingredients Motoyasu-kun gave me,

P3b2b: there were things that looked like herbs, so I’ll tie them with the meat and…


P1b1: It’s not done properly but it should last longer this way right?

P1txt: Smoked griffin meat.

P2b1: What else can I do …

P3b1a: Motoyasu-kun, can you cut that rock?

P3b1b: I’d like to have something like a flat tile.

P3b2: Sure.


P4b1: That should do.

P5b1: Try some salt and spices with this

P5txt: Stone-grilled Griffin Steak

Page 18

P1b1: Ohh!

P1b2: Guaaaa!


P1b1a&b: gua gua

P1txt: I’m glad you like it.

P2b1: Iwatani-dono, you really have quite the cooking talent!

P2b2: Is that so? It’s only cooked meat so there’s nothing impressive though.

P2b3: You’re amazing, Father!

P3b1a: But… this meat has too many sinewy parts, which it makes it hard to eat.

P3b1b: I learned wild animals are very hard to cook…

P3txt: I wonder what this comes from.

P3b2: Don’t worry, it’s still so much better than when we cook. No one will complain.

P4b1: Guaa!




P1b1: I can hear so many cracking noises. Are you okay ?!

P1b2: It’s nothing, just their bones growing.

P1b3: They’ll still get bigger than that?!

P2b1: That’s right. These children will grow even stronger than this!

P2b2: Are they even the same species of Firorials that I know…?

P2b3: They actually grow differently when a hero trains them.

P3b1: Is that so…

P3b2: I’m getting used to having my common sense being defied when I’m with you…

Page 21

P3b1a&b: Gua…

P3b2a&b: Gua…


P1b1a: Sakura-chan likes Father a lot.

P1b1b: I can’t help but smile when I look at them.

P2txt1: Ah… I’m not sure why, but…

P2txt2: looking at them is starting to make me cry now.

P3txt1: Firo-tan…

P3txt2: I’m sure she’s still sleeping in her egg at that beast store.


P1txt1: Once I make sure Father is safe at Shiltvelt,

P1txt2: I will come right back for you.

P1txt3(center): Please wait for me until then !

P1txt4(top left): I wanted to see you Motoyasu !

P1b1: aha…ahahahaha… //creepy laugh


P1b1: Gua!

P2b1: This one is at least 1.5 times bigger than a regular Firorial… It feels so tall.

P2b2: Yeah… It got so much bigger

In one night…

P3txt1: We will have Yuki-chan, Sakura-chan,

P3txt2: Éclair, and one pig escorting father while he levels up.



P1txt1: Apparently the Firorials are deciding the formation and order in which they will take the frontline role.

P1txt2: Looks like Yuki-chan is their leader, so she’s assigning positions to Kou and Sakura-chan.

P2b1: They have acquired such good teamwork in just a few days after their birth.

P2b2: That’s my Firorials!

P3b1: What are you going to do today, Motoyasu-kun?

P3b2: I’m going to make preparations for the Firorials.

P4b1: Preparations? There’s still something else?



P1b1: The Firorials will turn into angels tonight.

P2b1a: What?

P2b1b: They’re going to die?

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