Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 7

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 7

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Yari no yuusha no yarinaoshi ch7

//these are TL notes

TL: Hyugo



P1txt(under the series’ logo) Chapter 7 : Angels

P1txt2(right): She fights for the world and her sense of justice !!



P1b1: So they have such a short lifespan…

P1b2: They grew up like this in just 3 days it can’t be helped…

P2b1: IT’S A MISUNDERSTANDING! You got it horribly wrong …!



P1b1: I meant that Firorial-sama will literally take the form of angels

P1sfx: Is that so…

P2b1: That’s why I’m going to get the necessities to make them magical clothes

P2b2: So there are things like that, too ?

P3b1a: I’ve heard of them before.

P3b1b: They are created for beastfolk that can transform,

P3b2: to prevent clothes from ripping whenever they change form


Page 4

P1b1: Shall we help you get the materials?

P1b2: Can you do it ?

P2txt1: Yes

P2txt2: Since Shiltvelt is a country populated by beastpeople,

P2txt3: There must be a lot of them that can transform as well

P3b1: I can report the situation to our country at the same time

P3b2a: Sure…

P3b2b: If the Shiltvelt army protects Iwatani-dono it should be much safer for him

P4txt: How are we going to ride you guys

P4b1: I think these worries should be solved by tomorrow


Page 5

P1txt: Thanks

P1b1: Because if you can level up you won’t get damaged that easily

P2b1: Yeah… I’ll do my best

P3b1: Let’s get going then

P3b2: Yuki-chan, Sakura-chan, make sure to protect father well !

P4b: Guwa !


Page 6

P2b1: Spear hero-sama, are you familiar with this country ?

P3b1a: I’m not

P3b1b: Unfortunately I have never been around here

P4b1: This country is quite new and small so we don’t have much political influence

P4b2a: We often have fights break out between humans and beastfolk so,

P4b2b: during wars between our homeland and Merlomark we often fight to have control over this country

P4sfx: Is that so


Page 7

P1b1: Is there any material for magic clothes around here ?

P1b2a: This country imports a lot from Shiltvelt so we should find some

P1b2b: We should seek out shops which turn the materials into fabric

P2b1: After that we should find a shop that can make the fabric into clothes …

P3b1: There’s no need for that

P3b2: Uh ?

P4b1: Spear hero-sama, you can make clothes?

P4b2: Did I say something weird?

P4txt: What’s with that expression? …


Page 8

P1txt1: I, Motoyasu, am confident in my tailoring skills!

P1txt2: I’ve trained my artistic sense by studying fashion magazines

P1txt3 : It’s the only thing I can beat father at !

P2txt1: I’m proud to say

P2txt2: I’m the one who made the clothes for everyone !


Page 9

P1txt: I also made a life size puppet of Firo-tan to try my creations on

P2txt: I was so happy with how well I made it and I slept with her every night

P3txt: ufufufufu //creepy laught

P3sfx: *creeped out *


Page 10

P3txt: Round~

P5b1: Did something happen ?

P5b2: no…

P6b1: But I was informed that the three heroes’ cult is exhibiting suspicious activities


Page 11

P1b1a: Even though they had a neutral stance . . .

P1b1b: They are now blaming shield hero-sama for the explosion near the border and are asking Shiltvelt to hand him over

P2txt: So even though they were the ones who started the fight they are blaming us because they got crushed…


P3b1: Should I portal to Merlomark and destroy the country then ?

P3b2a: I know you are serious, Spear hero-sama, …

P3b2b: but please do not attack them because Merlomark has alliances which will turn the world against us if we do.


Page 12

P1b1: Originally, heroes were summoned to protect the world by fighting the waves

P1b2: In order to achieve that goal, our priority should remain securing the shield hero-sama’s safety in Shiltvelt

P3b1:That’s true, we have a mission more important than war.

P3b2: It’s to create the peaceful world I promised to Firo-tan


Page 13

P1b1: It’s a miracle I managed to convince spear hero-sama…

P1sfx1: pfew

P1b2: But wait a second… If I wipe out that country wouldn’t it be safer for father because no one would threaten him ?

P1txt: yeah that would be better…

P2b1: I’ll be back soon, please wait for me here

P2txt: Wait, what?!

P2b2a:Spear hero-sama?!

P2b2b: Please don’t !!

P4b1: Father!!

P4b2: Welcome back !


Page 14

P1b1: Ah yeah…

So, you came back first, Motoyasu-kun

P2b1: Did everything go well ?

P3b1: Yes… I’m not injured or anything, but when you are not used to riding them, it irritates your thighs a bit

P4b1: Should I use healing magic on you ?

P4b2a: No, I’m fine

P4b2b: One of the envoys healed me on our way back

P5b2: Uhh


Page 15

P1b1: I … I can’t take it anymore!

P1sfx: crash

P1b2: Eclair-san ?!

P1sfx2: startled

P2b1: You can earn so much experience just by riding them, but….

P2b1: I can’t handle this….

P3b1: Iwatani-dono, how-

P3b2: can you be fine after that…?

P3b3a:Humm … I’m not sure why

P3b3b: It’s true they weren’t very comfortable…


Page 16

P1b1: Kuee !

P1sfx:* rub rub*

P1b1: Oh and their appearance changed during the day, but it’s ok right?

P2b1: Yes it is. We could even say this is their true form

P2b2: Is that so … Sounds like one of those pet raising games

P2sfx1(right): *growl*

P2txt(left):I will bring you food later

P3b1: So, how were today’s results?

P4b1a: I think it increased quite a bit

P4b1b: I’m level 28 now

P4b2a: It’s amazing

P4b2b: Eclair-san and the others increased their level by a bit, too

P5b1: Uhhgh


Page 17

P1b1a:I’d like you to level up even more while you can

P1b1b: If your defense increases we won’t have to be this cautious about our pursuers

P2b1a: I’m still very far from your level, Motoyasu-kun

P2b1b: And I need to unlock my skills, too

P2b2: Still, I can feel I’ve become much stronger now

P3b1: It would be nice if you could reach level 40 tomorrow

P3txt: thanks for the food

P3b2: Yuki-chan and the other should be enough to protect father now

P4b1: Alright, I’m going to the horse stalls then

P4b2: Huh ?

P4b3: You won’t sleep in your room ?


Page 18

P1b1:I’m going to sleep with you !

P1txt: Even he wouldn’t do that … right?


P1b3: I still have work to do tonight

I do that quite often, too, though

P2b1: What are you going to do ?

P4b1: You should come and see for yourself!

P5sfx: *munch munch munch*



P1b1: So? What are you going to do ?

P1b2: It should come soon…

P2b1a: The time when the Firorial-sama –

P2b1b: turn into their angel form !

P3b1: Please…

P4b1: show us !


Skipping page20



P1b1: Motoyasu-sama

P2b1: Naofumi !


P2b2: woah

P3b1: Are you …




P1b2: Yup

P1b3: Do you recognize me ?


Page 23

P1b1: Hehe

P1b2: It’s the first time we’ve been able to talk like this

P1b3: Yes

P2b1:Oh yeah

P2b2: I wanted to tell you something since the first time we met

P4b1: Thanks for patting my head!


Page 24

P1b1a: yeah… sure

P1b1b: erm…

P1b2: Motoyasu-kun, we should make them wear clothes

P1b3: I bought fabric and a machine for that today

P2b1: Everyone !

P2b2: I want you to make that wheel turn so I can make your clothes !

P3b1: Motoyasu-sama, is it better if we put on clothes?

P3b2: That’s right

P3b3: Why — ?

P3b4: You will look better if you wear clothes !


Page 25

P1b1: Kou doesn’t care — !

P1b2: You must wear some !

P1sfx1: *dash*

P1sfx2: Where are you going?!

P2b1: I’m going to play outside !!!

P2sfx: Waaaaaaaaait !

P2b2: You can’t go outside like that!!!!!

P2b3: Hahaha! Kou sure is full of energy !

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