Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8

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Yari no yuusha no yarinaoshi ch8

TL: Hyugo


//these are TL notes


P1txt: Humm

P2b1: Naofumi you want Sakura to wear clothes?

P2b2: Erm… yes. That would help

P3b1:Then Sakura will wear clothes –

//It seems like sakura either talks slow or likes to put emphasis on the last syllable when she speaks which is shown through the – signs

P3txt: Thank you

P4b1: I will do this first then

Leftsidetxt: The Firorials turned into angels! How shall we design their clothes?


P1b1: Sakura wants to be first –

P1b2: No! You can’t!

P2b1: Booh –

P2b2: Uh ?

P3b1: Haha this thing is fun !

P3sfx1: Oh –

P3sfx2: *clack clack clack*

P3b2: Hey Kou! Don’t skip my turn like that !

P4sfx: Aah

P4b1: They are even cuter in their angel form

P4b2: It has gotten very lively all of a sudden…

Page 3

Txt under the logo: Chapter 8 : trading skills

Left side txt: Volume two coming march 22nd !

Page 4

P3b1: Good morning, Motoyasu-sama

P3b2: Mornin’, Kimura

P3b3: Good morning

P4b1: Uhhhh…

Page 5

P2b1: Uhh… so hot

P3b1: Sa-Sakura-chan…

P3b2: Sakura! Wake up already !

P3txt: I’m hungry –

P3b3: Humm…

Page 6

P1b1: Good morning – Naofumi—

P1b2: Good morning . Could you stay in your angel form, please? You  take too much space like this.

P1b3: Humm— ok—

P2sfx: Poof

P3b1: Better now, Naofumi–  ?

P3b2: Yes

P3txt: This is not ok in it’s own way though

P4b1: Hahaha you really like father don’t you ?

P4b2: Yup Motoyasu said Sakura must protect Naofumi so Sakura will do her best –

Page 7

P3b1a&b: knock

P4b1a: Eclair-san, how do you feel now?

P4b1b: Can you get up ?

P5b1a: Yes, I should be ok…

P5b1b: Uh?

P5sfx: *stare*

Page 8

P1b1: Who are those children ?

P1b2: Sakura—

P1b3: Kou !

P1b4: I’m Yuki

P2b1: They are angels !

P2b2: Motoyasu-kun, you are bad at explaining things so please stay quiet

P2b3: Can do!

Page 9

P1b1: As unbelievable as it may sound…

P1b2: These children are the Firorials raised by Motoyasu-kun

P1txt: Are you ok ?

P2txt: Firo…

P3b1: What?!

Page 10

P1sfx: *munch munch munch munch*

P1txt: Here is what you’ve ordered…

P2b1: So cute

P3b1: Humm. . . not quite as good as Naofumi-sama’s cooking

P3b2: That’s true

P4b1: Naofumi’s cooking is yummier you know ?

P4b2: I agree

P4b3: I’m happy to hear that but… you sure eat a lot

Page 11

P1b1: Our food cost is going to be a problem…

P1b2a: Maybe we could have Motoyasu-kun and the others go hunting for food ?

P1b2b: It would be nice to sell the loot we gathered too

P2b1a: We can do that

P2b1b: You should bring the carriage with all the materials to the trading shops of the city

P2b2: Sure!

P3b1a: Let’s sell a lot and make that money our travel fund

P3b1b: I’m pretty good at negotiating

P4b1: That’s good. We will let you take care of that then


P1b1a: Ah, we decided by ourselves, but-

P1b1b: What are you going to do today Motoyasu-kun?

P1b2: Will the pursuers catch up to us soon?

P2txt: humm…

P3b1: I would like you to keep leveling up around here for today

P3b2: If you become strong enough we won’t have to worry about them anyway

P4b1a: I understand

P4b1b: Then I’ll start leveling up as soon as we get the money

P4txt: More– !

P4b2: gasp

Page 13

P2b1: A bit more !

P2b2: Ugh… Alright but I can’t go any higher!


P4b1: Iwatani-dono you impressed me. You sold that almost twice the regular price .

P4b2: I could have probably made a bit more but we are short on time

Page 14

P1b1: It is the material shield-hero-sama had so there will be plenty of people who would love to buy that. It’s certainly not a bad deal for the merchant either.

P1b2a: That’s probably right

P1b2b: He didn’t show too much opposition so I could raise the price a lot

P1b3: We both gained from this trade so it felt pretty good

P2b1: Humm… looks like you have good human relation skills, Iwatani-dono

P2b2: Do you think so ?

P2b3: I feel like I’m starting to understand what kind of person the shield-hero is

P3b1: Fufufu…

P3b2: When father gets praised I can’t help but be happy, too !

Page 15

P1b1: Father is also very good at exploiting gangs of thieves !

P2b1: Iwatani-dono, you did things like that, too ?!

P2b2a: I don’t know about any of that!

P2b2b: What are you talking about ?!

P2b3: What was that 180° in the conversation?

P3b1a: Humm ?

P3b1b: Why does father looks troubled?

P3b2: Maybe I didn’t explain myself properly

Page 16

P1b1: He said “Even if we capture these thieves now it would just grow the territory of other groups so it’s meaningless”

P1b2: So he made a deal with some merchant, enslaved the bandits and manipulated everything from the shadows

P2b1: ”Bandits are sources of income; let them live and they will eventually mop up money for you”

P2sfx: Hahahahaha


P3b1: That sounds more like what a demon lord would do. . .

P3b2: How did I turn out like that in the future…!

Page 17

P1b1: The future’s Iwatani-dono must have lived through hell to end up twisted like that

P2b1: For all the suffering my country caused you…

P2b2: I would like to apologize

Page 18

P1txt: Please don’t say things like that

P1b1: Humm …? What’s wrong with Naofumi ?

P1b2: Sakura, you weren’t listening ?

P2b1: Naofumi-sama will become a very bad person that would do atrocious things


P2b3: Iwatani is evil !

P2b4: What… no !

P3b1: Is that so ? But Sakura will keep protecting Naofumi and will never leave him

Page 19

P1b1: I will not become evil

P1b2: And I will not do bad things !

P3txt: Ugh

P3txt2: Do I really need to ride them again …

P3b1: Are you ok Eclair-san?

P3b2: You can stay here while I go with Sakura-chan and the others if you prefer

Page 20

P1b1a: I…I can’t do that

P1b1b: We are your bodyguard so I must stay with you

P1b2: That’s true, but…

P2b1: Then I’ll finish the clothes for Yuki-chan and the others

P2b2: Are you going to ask a dress shop or a tailor to do it ?

P3b1: What are you saying? I’m going to make them myself!!

P3b2: Is that so … maybe I shouldn’t have asked…

P4btxt1: It is my lifework to make clothes for my Firorials

P4txt2: I can’t express all my love without them

P4txt3: To have Firorials wearing the clothes I put everything I had into-

P4txt4: Is the utmost happiness

P4txt5: Let’s go, Iwatani-dono

P4txt6: Ah… yeah

Page 21

P5b1: It’s finished !

Page 22

P1txt: For Yuki-chan I made a beige dress which will go well with her white hair

P2txt: Kou wanted something that can let him move freely so overalls will be perfect

P3txt: Sakura-chan will wear this dress the color of new spring grass since she likes father a lot

P3txt: Imagining them wearing these makes me so…

Page 23

P2sfx: *running noises*

P2b1: … I have a bad feeling about this

Looks like trouble

P3b2: Spear hero-sama!

P4b1: What happened?

Probably just like I guessed

P4b2a: People who seem to be part of the three heroes’ cult are grouping up around us

P4b2b: It’s dangerous to stay here

Page 24

P1b1:Shield hero-sama might be in danger, too !

Footer: Leveling with firorials looks nasty …

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