Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 10

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 10

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: With this I already recovered 2 of the Twelve Heavenly Stars…

B2: Aries of the [Ram] and Libra of the [Scale]

B3: At this rate there’s still a long way to recover the rest of the Twelve Heavenly Stars…

B4: Now, Diina. Where are we going to next?

B5: It’s a little far from here, around 2000km* to the west across the sea.
*TLN: Around 1243 miles

B6: At the base of the mountain in that area, Parthenos-sama*of the [Maiden] made a small village and is living in a secluded life there
*TLN: Parthenos was the name of the maiden which Virgo Constellation mythology is based of


B1: Small village?

B2: Yes
It’s seems like Parthenos-sama made a barrier for the weak monsters and plants to live there without having to fear about the enemies outside

B3: Oh, that’s really normal

B4: It’s really wonderful to hear that they are not actively making trouble for others

B5: And well…
That mountain is Lufasu-sama’s home town, right?

B6: Parthenos-sama kicked out all of the native Skywing race that lived there and made that mountain as a holy land and occupied it.

B7: Ok, scratch that
So that Parthenos is making some trouble too


B1: So, where are the Skywing race refuges now, after being kicked out like that?

T: Vanaheimr
BC: Lufasu Home Town

T: Gjallarhorn

B2: They are currently living at the country which one of the seven heroes, Merac, made… Gjallarhorn

B3: And by the way, if we talk about the national border, this place we are in now is also actually inside Gjallarhorn territory too

B4: Gjallarhorn… Merac…

B5: Lufasu-sama..? What’s wrong, Lufasu-sama?


B1: So we have to choose either the Twelve Heavenly Stars or the 7 heroes, huh…

T: Lufasu’s party current position
Gjallarhorn          Vanaheimr
World Map

B2: Well, if we consider the distance, Gjallarhorn’s capital is closer though

B3: There’s a chance that Merac is also a player like me…

B4: Then I must ascertain that!

B5: Then it’s decided

B6: I order you! Meeting all of the 7 Heroes is also my objective on this journey!

Sfx: Bam!!

B7: We are going to go to the Gjallarhorn first!


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H: Chapter 10 Memories


B1: So this is Gjallarhorn…
Every single building here is really built on the rock surfaces…

B2: What was that Merac thinking, building an idiotic looking Capital like this…

B3: Looks like it’s going to be hard to walk around…

B4: And seeing white and black town lining in either side of the mountain like this is very bizarre…

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B5: Diina, do you know something about this?

B6: Umm, you see…

B7: Seems like this country is split up between 2 factions and a light civil war has happened between them

B8: Factions?

B9: Yes


B1: One is the traditional faction who shout that pure white wings is the true pride of the Skywing race and won’t approve anything else, [The White Wings Supremacist]

B2: And the other one those who revolt against that, [Mixed Colored Wings Promoting Party]

B3: Civil war, huh… And what about Merac?

B4: Merac seems to be standing at a neutral place and tried to stop the fighting between these two, but…
He can’t seem to hold the emotion of his people

B5: In other words, he’s useless

B6: Libra, you shouldn’t say something like that so easily


B1: The Skywing race is really concerned about the whiteness of their wings…
Therefore, as Lufasu-sama knows, there seems to be inclination to bully their own brethren who have different colored wings …

B2: And that inclination…

B3: Seems to be getting stronger after Lufasu-sama’s disappearance

B4: Huh? Wait, could this dispute have been indirectly caused by me?

B5: So is it something like because someone as dangerous as Lufasu was born from Skywing race, the persecution trend got stronger?

B6: Skywing race is a race that’s told to be the descendant of the Angels who serve God…
And because of that, they are really proud of their unsoiled pure white wings

B7: They even think that the pure white wings itself is the proof of their identities


B1: So basically…
No matter how ugly you are, if you have beautiful white wings on your back, you will be popular

B2: And my jet black wings is just out of the question

B3: I mean, it’s not even at the level of beauty or not, as all of them can only see me as a monster

T: How the Skywing race saw Lufasu

B4: But of course, I pick this black winged character with full understanding of its background setting…
Because, honestly doesn’t taboo black wings sound really cool?

B5: Uhhm…
When Lufasu-sama ruled back then, Lufasu-sama banned any kind of discriminations and persecutions, right?

B6: That’s right, Aries-sama

B7: Huh? What’s that?


B1: However, after Lufasu-sama was defeated, The White Wings started to have that inclination again.
On the other side, The Mixed Wings appeal for their equality

B2: And thereafter, the dispute between those two continues for almost 200 years

B3: In the first place, what is this discriminations and persecutions ban?
I don’t remember placing a ban on something like that

B4: Are there still any Lufasu’s background settings that I don’t know yet?

B5: But first, I need to do something about this dispute…

B6: Merac was someone able to read the mood and take care of others in the game…
If someone like Merac can’t suppress this dispute, then it must be something big

B7: Moreover, I was the one who caused it

B8: Of course I can’t pretend to not be aware of this!

B9: Well then, Lufasu-sama, where will we go?

B10: White?

B11: Or black?


B1: Black…
I believe The Mixed Wings are in there…

B2: That’s right, Lufasu-sama!
(Note to pr and editor: the panel with diina’s face below)

B3: However, please be very careful

B4: We’re about to enter the Skywing’s country, so please take extra caution with your disguise

B5: Of course I will

B6: The Skywing’s background setting is a long lived race, with average lifespan around 1500 years…
And furthermore, they are cheat creatures where most of their lifetime is spent at their prime

H: 1500 Year

B7: I bet they still remember my face even now


B1: Anyway, we’re going to go to the black town first

B2: Click

B3: But, how will we go inside?
I know they have stairs, but…

H: Glance

B4: It’s pointlessly long…
BC: And it’s so slanted too…

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B5: This country was made with the “everyone can fly” premise, so it’s really inconvenient for us…

B6: I really don’t want to climb those stairs, Lufasu-sama!

B7: Please calm down

Sfx: Wheee

B8: Because I will carry everyone inside

B9: Selecting Program

Sfx: Shine

B10: Deploying, Skill [Sky Jet]


Sfx: Ta-da

B1: Oh, one of the Golem generic skills…

B2: Well then, let’s get going


Sfx: Booosh

Sfx: Bwooooosh

Sfx: Bwooooosh

B1: Wait a sec

B2: With this tremendously loud thundering noise

Sfx: Grab!

B3: Gue!

Sfx: Pull

B4: Uwah!!

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B5: All of them will wake up at this rate!!

Sfx: Bwoooooosh

B6: Wait Wait Wait

B7: Stop this! Stop this!

B8: Stop this, Libra!!

B9: Guheeeeee

Sfx: Bwoooooooosh

B10: Someone please stop this..!!


Sfx: Bwooooosh

B1: Wham!!

SFx: Murmur

B2: Uhm…

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B3: Who are you people..?

B4: What are you going to do about this situation, Libra!

Sfx: Fwip

B5: We safely got inside the town, so I concluded this is not a problem

Sfx: Swish

B6: We’re very sorry for making a racket this late!
We are wandering merchants and because of some error we ended up waking up all of you

B7: Forgive us for the trouble

B8: O-Oh I see…
So you are wandering merchants…


B1: Really, what an original way to enter our town!!

B2: You don’t need to push yourself to praise us, old man…
It’s very normal to be afraid in this situation

B3: You must be tired from the long journey. If you don’t mind, you can stay at my place…
As my house is incidentally also doing business as an inn

B4: Thank you for your concern

B5: What should we do?

B6: Let’s think about how to meet Merac tomorrow and spend a night here tonight
Aries is tired from rowing the boat after all

B7: Wipe Wipe

B8: Oh dear

B9: Then I will accompany Aries-sama to his room

B10: I leave him to you, Diina


B1: Voices…

B2: I can hear voices…

B3: I heard you hurt the neighborhood kids again!
I said before, didn’t I!? Never hurt other kids!!

B4: But Dad, they are the ones who started it…

B5: And several of them threw stones at me…

B6: I was just protecting myself back there…

B7: Shut up!!

B8: I don’t remember raising you to be this kind of child!!

Sfx: Smack

B9: Or what, do you want to tell me that my way of raising a child is wrong!?

H: Well, of course you don’t remember


B1: Why must I be the one to experience this kind of life?

H: Because you never raised me from the start

H: All you ever gave me was just abusive words and violence

H: So much that I can’t live on without cursing the God

H: What’s so great about this, you God of creation! Where’s the love in this, you God who loves all!!

B2: Why must I feel all of this just because I have different colored wings?


B1: Why is this world so unfair against me?

H: If there is really a God who loves all beings…

H: Why would He create this world that’s overflowing with unfairness?

H: No one will extend their hands to us in this world…

H:  There is no one who will help us

B2: Why must we suffer like this?

H: That’s why I desired…


H: To be stronger than anyone else

H: I am still weak and inexperienced now…

H: But I will show the world that I will be stronger for sure

H: And I’ll bring Mom…

H: I’ll save her from this miserable life forever


H: All the unfairness and unreasonable things in this world…

H: I’ll mow them all down without leaving any single one!

H: I will show the world that I will be strong enough to do that!!


B1: What was…

B2: That dream just now..?

B3: Lufasu-sama..?

Sfx: Twitch

B4: Why are you here..?

B5: Guarding my Mistress is my duty after all

B6: I found that Lufasu-sama’s pulse was raising for some time now…

B7: No need to concern yourself… I just saw an old dream, that’s all…

B8: That’s right…
That dream was…


H: A piece of…

H: Lufasu’s past…

B1: Events that I don’t remember experiencing…
Forbidding discrimination… I don’t think I ever made something like that in the game

B2: When Lufasu-sama ruled back then, Lufasu-sama banned any kind of discriminations and persecutions, right?
(Note to pr and editor: That flashback bubble)

B3: However…

B4: If Lufasu is alive in this world, then it makes a perfect sense if her parents exist too

B5: And that also explains about being persecuted because of these wings…

B6: The piece of memories I saw the first time I arrived in this world…

B7: This dream about the past…

B8: All of those are Lufasu’s own memories

H: And the one who entered that Lufasu’s body is [Me]…

H: The only one in this body is [Me]…

H: If so…


H: Where in the world…

H: Is the real Lufasu’s soul?


Sfx: Roooooaaar

T: Demon King’s Castle


Sfx: Bam

T: Demon Tribe 7 Luminaries Aula

B1: Where’s Mars?

B2: Dunno, probably dead
I don’t see any of the monsters he’s in charge of or Aries after all

B3: Did Megrez kill him..? Or was he betrayed by Aries..?

B4: Either way, this happened because he tried to use one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars while overestimating his own ability…

Sfx: Step

B5: Chuckle… Well, even if he’s the weakest between us, The Seven Luminaries…


B1: To be killed by something like the Twelve Heavenly Stars is really a disgrace for a Demon Tribe like us…

B2: You… Where did you go all this time?

B3: Me? I was just tailing the one who killed Mars, so forgive my lateness…

B4: Hou? And who was that?

B5: I don’t know her exact identity

B6: I have this feeling that I’ll be killed if I got too close to her…

B7: I remember a pair beautiful black wings growing on her back…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B8: And she is beautiful enough to make everyone around charmed by her face…

Sfx: Thunder

B9: Black… Wings..!? Could that be..!?


B1: Lufasu Mapharl..!?

B2: Impossible!! She was killed in the fight against humans 200 years ago!!

B3: The only being that the Demon King avoided fighting… The Black Winged Queen..!
If she really is alive, then this Demon tribe is in a serious crisis!!

B4: Were you able to grasp her movements?

B5: Yes… That person left the Black Winged Royal Tomb and now has arrived at the Gjallarhorn

B6: Gjallarhorn… Then this is fortunate for us…
Jupiter, cooperate with her to find about Lufasu’s movements

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B7: And if you find something, report to me immediately

Sfx: Thunder

B8: I expect good news from you…


B1: Venus

H: Her appearance is really similar to that advisor..!?

B2: Very well

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