Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 11

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 11

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Finally…

B2: Finally, the time has come..!

Sfx: Appear

B3: Please wait for me, Lufasu-sama…

Sfx: Voooom

B4: I will definitely present those despicable 7 heroes’ heads for you..!!


H: Chapter 11 Encounter

H: Additional printing request given in no time! The second Volume of the comic book is sold like a wild fire!!

T: Gjallarhorn
The Royal Capital for the Skywing Race that was founded by one of the 7 heroes, The Sky King Merak*
*TLN: Thanks for passerby in the comment section that pointed this out to me, as it turns out that Merak is a star in Ursa Major Constellation

Castle: One of the 7 heroes, Merak lives here
White Town                                                    Black Town
White Wings area            Confront              Mixed Wings area

White Wings Supremacist                                           Mixed Colored Wings Promoting Party
Return our special privileges!      Civil War              Give us equal rights!

B1: Let’s go sightseeing for today

B2: I allow you to go around as you want


B1: However, make sure you don’t cause any problems here

B2: I judge that…
This decision to split up will not hinder our fighting force

B3: Oh, then I want to go to the white wings area!

B4: Maybe I’ll find something interesting there!

B5: We are currently in Gjallarhorn, the country which one of the 7 heroes, Merak, founded…

B6: Personally, I want to meet Merak as fast as possible…
And determine whether he’s a player like me or not…

B7: Sightseeing, huh… I wonder where I should go…

B8: However, according to Diina, seems like it’s pretty difficult to see him right now…


B1: Not like Megrez who’s already retired, Merak is still actively doing his duty as a king
Furthermore, with civil war brewing in this country, I believe it’s difficult to see him right now

T: Diina’s explanation

B2: Well then, you’re permitted to go…
Gather at this inn again when you’re done

B3: Then what should I do now is go sightseeing while gathering information, I guess

B4: The reason of the civil war between the two factions in this country was caused by me…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B5: So I can’t turn a blind eye to this, can I?

B6: Err, Lufasu-sama…

B7: Lufasu-sama is trying to gather us, the Twelve Heavenly Stars again, am I right..?

B8: That’s correct. Reuniting all of you under me once again is one of my objectives during this trip

B9: In that case, I probably have some information that Lufasu-sama might want to hear


B1: That Aigokeros* of the [Goat]…
*TLN: Capricorn in Greek

B2: Invited me to “go with him to the Demon Race’s place” once before…
So probably, that Aigokeros is probably the Demon Race’s ally, I think…

B3: The Twelve Stars of Heaven are all alive
(Note to pr and edit: b3-4 flashback bubbles, from chapter 2 page 8 1st panel)

B4: It’s just that after your defeat… I was able to determine the location of only half of them
Eventually, two of them had joined Efreet to get revenge on the humans who defeated Lufasu-sama

B5: Come to think of it, Diina also said something similar before…

B6: Then I should probably capture him immediately when I meet him

B7: However, I completely have no idea where he is now though…


B1: The civil war between White Wings and Mixed Wings, huh…

B2: You won’t be able to guess that these guys are in a civil war by just glancing at their faces

Sfx: Whisper Whisper

Sfx: Hmm…

B3: I guess these clothes make me look suspicious…
Maybe I should dress like a man because Lufasu is known as a woman..?


B1: A black temple, eh…

B2: Is this temple something like I heard before?

B3: A temple that worships the statue of this world’s Creation God Alovenus?


B1: Wait, my statue!?

B2: Hmm? This is rare

B3: Are you a traveler?

Sfx: Step Step


Sfx: Step

B1: Because you seemed very surprised when you saw that statue

B2: A red-brownish winged young man, eh…

B2: Yeah, I sure am

B3: To think that this temple is worshiping that infamous Supreme Ruler…

Sfx: Irritated

B4: Certainly, to the outside world, Lufasu-sama is probably mostly known as an evil aggressor…

B5: However, to us, she is our revered savior

B6: Seems like in this country…

B7: Or more like in the Mixed Wings, they have a very different image of me compared to the others

B8: Hee…
That’s intriguing…


B1: Maybe if I listen to his story, I can find out a side of Lufasu that I,  myself don’t know about

B2: Do you already know about the custom of our Skywing race?

B3: Yeah, pretty much
That the whiteness of your wings is the pride of your race, right?

B4: That’s correct

B5: However, not everyone that’s born as a Skywing has white wings on their back

B6: Because there are those born with different color wings like me sometimes

B7: And our place in society… was really terrible in the past…

B8: Can you believe it?
They didn’t even think of us as the same Skywing folks, just because we had just a little bit of a different color wings, you know?

B9: In the past we lived our days frightened while hiding…
We really lived miserable lives those days


B1: However, that person was really different with the others!

B2: Because even though she had black wings, everyone knows that no one can match the beauty of those wings!


B1: Not like us that can only curl up in fear…

B2: That person successfully proved the merit of her very own existence with her own power


B1: And after she conquered all of the countries under her wings, she forbade the discrimination between our Skywing race…

B2: And treated us the same as everyone else…

Sfx: Grip

B3: It was all thanks to her hard work that we could regain our pride like this…


B1: Ah…

B2: Not as pitiful good for nothings…
But the same race even though we had different colored wings…

B3: It sure makes your back really itchy when you get buttered up with praises in front of your very eyes like this…

B4: And it’s very uncomfortable staying here because of how over-excessive it is

B5: So we can say that we are the same Skywing folks with pride too!!

B6: You sure praised her here like no tomorrow…

B7: But aren’t you forgetting something?

B8: That one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, the subordinates of that Lufasu, is the one who snatched away your hometown…


B1: Of course I did not forget…

Sfx: Grip

B2: But I think that’s something that can’t be helped

B3: Because after betraying Lufasu-sama…
Subjugated her…

B4: And then in the end, they even foolishly let the Demon race to invade us

B5: I think we are compassionate enough to not kill all of them with our own hands

B6: This is pretty bad…


B1: However, this is something that I have to ask him…

B2: About his…

B3: No, about the anger inside the hearts of the people of this Mixed Wings Town…

B4: Those words… Won’t those words be taken as an insult to King Merak..?

B5: Just what do you think your king is?

Sfx: Twitch


B1: Aah…
That guy, huh…

B2: He’s just the worst foolish king


B1: It really makes me laugh from the bottom of my heart that he still calls himself a hero or something…

Sfx: Sigh…


Sfx: Bwoooosh

Sfx: Bwoooooooosh

B1: Presently, the number of the Skywing Race who realized Mistress’ true identity is…

Sfx: Beep Beep

B2: Judged as 0…

B3: Deemed unnecessary to go on the offensive…

B4: Continuing surveillance…

B5: Continuing to stand by…


Sfx: Vooom

B1: Ping!

Sfx: Ping

Sfx: Zoom

B2: Confirmed irregularities on subject skin that are peculiar to mimicries…
Peculiar Demon race’s pupil, confirmed

B3: Deemed 98% to be Demon race in disguise. Enemy recognition completed.

B4: Judging destination from angle and line of sight…
Probability of the enemy arriving to the clock tower on the way, 87%

B5: Diina-sama will be in danger if they meet


B1: Eliminating condition reached

B2: Selecting Skill

B3: Releasing limiter on right arm
Zuben Elgenubi*, fire!
*TLN: Also known as Alpha Librae. Kanji read as “The Right Scale”

Sfx: Fwoooosh

Sfx: Bwhaaaam!!

B4: Wha..!?

SFx: Psssh


B1: What is a golem doing in the middle of town like this!?

Sfx: Vooom

B2: Skill…
[Seeker Eye], activate

B3: Issuing warning to the Demon Race over there

B4: If you insist going any further than this, then I will use violence to remove you forcefully

Sfx: Shraakk

B5: You are strongly advised to turn back and withdraw from this place


B1: Wait, Demon Race? What are you talking about?

B2: As you can see, I’m just a normal traveler who dropped by for sightseeing here

B3: I judged that you used mimicry to disguise your skin color
Furthermore, that pupil that you hide behind those sunglasses…

B4: The difference in your skeletal pattern and the discrepancy in your muscles…

B5: Make me deemed you as a Demon Race who is in a disguise

B6: I see…

B7: You saw through them all, eh..?

B8: Then this makes things easier

Sfx: Swish


Sfx: Clang!!

B1: !!?

B2: Bleed

B3: Hostility confirmed


B1: Switching to offensive mode

Sfx: Wheee

B2: Bwoooashhh!

B3: Fwip

B4: Voom

Sfx: Kerchak

Sfx: Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

Sfx: Fwiish

B5: ….

B6: I understand now…


B1: To be able to control the wind freely…

B2: You power must be [Wood] Element, no?

B3: Good work figuring that out, I’ll praise you for that

Sfx: Fwooosh

B4: That’s right, I can control the nature power…
The [Wood]

B5: I am the one who can control [Wood] Element as I please…
One of the Demon Race 7 Luminaries, Jupiter

Sfx: Fwooosh

B6: Tell me your name, puppet
I bet you’re not a normal golem either

(Note to editor: Double page with p28 please merge)

B1: Nice to meet you, Jupiter-sama

B2: My name is Libra of the [Scales], one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars under the Supreme Ruler
Pleased to be your acquaintances

B3: Hoo…
The one who is praised to have the strongest* fire power between the Twelve Heavenly Stars, THAT Libra, huh…
*TLN: I mistranslated this as the weakest in the chapter 8, sorry

B4: I heard that you were destroyed in the Royal Tomb…
So that information is a hoax after all, eh?

B5: Selecting Skill

Sfx: Flutter

B6: Releasing limiter on left arm


B1: Zuben Eschamali*
*TLN: Also known as Beta Librae. Kanji read as “The Left Scale”

B2: Fire!!

Sfx: Step

B3: If Lufasu-sama wanted…
I could even burn this 7 Heroes’s country to the ground in no time though…

B4: But all I can do right now is…
Not be a bother at Lufasu-sama’s sightseeing…


B1: Then I should clean up the very thing that will be a bother first…

Sfx: Menacing aura

B2: Anti people barrier, huh…
BC: No wonder there’s no one here…

Sfx: Fwip

B3: This is Moon element magic, I guess

B4: This weak presence I feel…

B5: He left this presence so I can find out on purpose?

B6: And I know very well this presence’s owner…

B7: Come out…

B8: It’s you, right?


B1: Aigokeros

B2: Sway

B3: Long time no see…

B4: Aries…

B5: Why are you here?

B6: Isn’t it obvious? What I want is those 7 heroes’ lives, only that

B7: And for that reason, do you still resign yourself under the Demon Tribe?

B8: Of course

B9: My and those folks’ goal is matched presently

B10: Aries

B11: I’ll ask thee the same question once again


Sfx: Appear

B1: Come with me

B2: And help me to send those 7 heroes bastards to our hometown in hell


Sfx: Menacing atmosphere

B1: I can’t accept your invitation

B2: Because my only master is Lufasu-sama

B3: Yes, that is the same for me too

B4: I won’t force thee to swear your loyalty to them

B5: Just think that thee art using them for thy own purpose is enough

B6: I don’t need anything like that anymore, Aigokeros
Listen to me

B7: Our Master has come back now
That person is not dead at all


B1: Then, the one who killed Mars was..!

B2: That’s right, it was Lufasu-sama

B3: This time, I’m the one who will ask you
Come with me as one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars under Lufasu-sama once again

B4: Cut your ties with the Demon Race and come with me…

B5: Aigokeros!


B1: Fuahahahahahaahaha!!

B2: To gather again under our master, eh… Not a bad idea…

B3: However, if we don’t crush those bastards, the tragedy that time will be repeated again in the future

B4: I will return to our master’s side, sure, but not before plunging those detestable heroes in the depths of Hell


B1: The fog inside my heart has been cleared!
I will definitely chop that bastard Merak’s head, and plunge this country in a chaotic hell!!

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B2: Farewell, Aries

B3: Wait, Aigokeros!!

B4: Just watch with our supreme lord in the special seat…


B1: As I paint this country with madness and blood!!!

T: To be continued in 6/7 (Thu) Issue

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