Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 16

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 16

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: So..?
B1b: Do you still want to continue…

B2: Diina?

B3: No…

B4: It’s my loss…

B5: Well then, are you ready to tell me everything now?

B6: About the reason you’re doing something like this


H: Chapter 16 King’s Order


B1: I came as a test player to this world just after you got sealed in that battle
B1b: Or at year 2800 in Midgard Calendar, if you want me to say it in this world’s calendar

B2: When I realized it, I was already in this world, as the character that I was controling a second ago

B3: So far, it’s like what I experienced myself
B3b: As I was also in my own character, Lufasu Mafaalu…

B4: When I first came into this world

B5: And there were a lot of prodigies at that time

B6: Even though there weren’t any who used doping nor was it overflowed with level 1000 players like when it was still a game
B6b: There were still many of us who were able to go over level 500

B7: And the difference from when it was a game started after that?

B8: Yes

B9: A part of players…

B10: …Or to be exact, players who weren’t written in the novelization…


B1: Started to disappear one after another without any traces
B1b: As if they weren’t there from the very start…

B2: Based on that, I concluded that…

B3: This world might be the world of the novelized version of the game


B1: One of the special features of this Exgate Online…
B1b: Novel System

T: Send Player
 Official ← Such thing happened at the game!


B2: It’s a system where your actions inside the game can become a novel when it’s accepted
B2b: And incorporated into Exgate Online official history

B3: Then this world isn’t based on the game, but the novel version instead?

B4: This…
B4b: Isn’t good…

B5: Because players who actually got novelized…
B5b: Weren’t that many in fact…

B6: Or more like, there were just too overwhelmingly few writers who were hired, compared to the number of players who played this game…

B7: And there were also players who didn’t want to be novelized
B7b: So compared to the several millions players who played this game, the ones who actually got novelized were only a handful of them


B1: Hmm?
B1b: Wait a minute…

B2: Diina is a test player, isn’t she..?

H: But she got herself novelized..?

B3: There was no one who was like me
B3b: It’s as if I was a resident of this world from the very beginning

B4: And I turned out to be the one and only irregular in this world

B5: Even so, they were the few people who I could really call friends…
B5b: They were all that was left from something that I called “Real World”…

B6: But…
B6b: They were all…

B7: Dead, were they?

B8: …Yes


H: Ah, I see…

H: Of course they would lose…

B1: I should have known…

H: If this world was really based on the game…

H: And Players who were over level 1000 were here…

B2: Then there would be no reason for Humanity to lose, even against the Demon King

B3: There was a max limit of 12 players per party for a big war when it was still a game

B4: However, I doubt this world also has the same rule
B4b: Heck, if they want, they can even crush a million of high leveled players at one go

B5: Just like what Diina tried to do. Just drop a [Dawn Star] at them, and poof, a million of level 1000 players would be crushed under that rock

B6: And the fact that they were defeated without using that…

B7: Means that…
B7b: They weren’t able to do that

B8: I… thought that this world is the same as the game
B8b: And never even thought of that possibility

B9: I was frustrated…
B9b: I loathed them…


B1: They robbed me of the very few things left from my real world…
B1b: And trampled on them like they were worth nothing right in front of me

B2: But no matter how many minor Demonfolks I defeated…

B3: I just didn’t stand a chance against the Demon King

B4: All that I could do was to deceive those 7 Luminaries and enter their ranks
B4b: And try my best to slow down their invasion..

B5: That’s all…

B6: And that was why you came to me and the 12 Heavenly Stars…
B6b: …Huh…

B7: Yes…

B8: I remembered that there was a very plain and forgettable girl in Mafaalu’s Tower

B9: So I used her identity

B10: I thought that if I can skillfully incite you to fight the Demon King

B11: Then perhaps you could defeat him


Sfx: Throb

H: Again…

B1: So I tricked the 7 Luminaries
B1b: Like in Jupiter’s case

B2: I promised him that I would bring Libra-sama away at a certain time and held her off for 20 minutes

H: I can feel it again

H: Was there something that wasn’t right

H: In Diina’s story just now..?

B3: However, I broke that promise and sent Libra-sama back to the town when Jupiter was still there

B4: Is there anything else?

H: I don’t think there’s something that I can press further though…

B5: Then one last thing

B6: So in the end, are you my enemy?

B7: …No

B8: I don’t have any hostile intention towards you

B9: But then again, I guess trying to use you…

B10: Is pretty much the same as a hostile intention, isn’t it, Lufasu-sama?

B11: Good


B1: Then continue to serve me like always

B2: Eh?

B3: Uhh…
B3b: Lufasu-sama..?

B4: Is that really alright? I mean…

B5: I don’t mind
B5b: After all, I still haven’t repaid your favor for helping me countless times in this world

B6: Besides…


B1: The concept of having an Advisor who is scheming behind my back

B2: Is pretty interesting to me

B3: Furthermore, having a dangerous subordinate
B3b: Is one of the staple tropes in this kind of story, don’t you agree?

B4: Uhm…

B5: You really are a player, right..?
B5b: You’re not the real Lufasu who gets her player’s memories, right?


B1: Fufufu…
B1b: Who knows?

B2: There are too many times where I felt that our memories were mixing up, so perhaps I’m not purely myself anymore

B3: Besides, I finally met someone from my original world

B4: I can overlook your pranks to some extent

B5: Megrez and Merak aren’t players…
B5b: There’s a high chance that the last one of the 7 Heroes that is still alive…

B6: Benetnasch isn’t a player either…

B7: If that’s the case…


B1: Then I and Diina would be

B2: The only irregulars in this world

B3: Sure, Diina might have deceived and tried to use me
B3b: But did she do anything that made me lose something?

B4: No, she didn’t

B5: On the contrary, everything she did was great for me

B6: Since Diina always conveniently led me to where the 7 Luminaries or the 12 Heavenly Stars are

B7: Besides, she also said that what she wants is to destroy all of the Demonfolks

B8: And as long as I am Lufasu Mafaalu, a fight against the Demon King is inevitable


B1: Come with me!

B2: And use every ounce of those wits and strength to serve me!


B1: I guess as expected from Lufasu-sama…
B1b: You really are like what I imag-…

Sfx: Flutter

B2: No…

B3: You are far exceeding my imagination

B4: As I thought, there’s no one else, besides you, who could defeat the Demon King and unify this world once again, Lufasu-sama

(Note to editor: Double page with p17)

B1: I have received

B2: Your order

B3: Milady


B1: Then until the day you defeat the Demon King

B2: Please let this Diina to be your advisor


B1: Good

B2: I’ll be counting on you

Sfx: Step Step

Sfx: Kneel


T: [Diina]
Level 1000
Race: Half-Elf
Class Level
Acolyte: 200
Priest: 200
Ranger: 100
Strider: 100
Mage: 200
Sorcerer: 200
HP: 35000
SP: 16000
STR (attack power): 1750
DEX (dexterity): 3000
VIT (vitality): 2050
INT (intelligence): 11550 (+2000)
AGI (agility): 3700
MND (mental strength): 8902
LUK (good luck): 1930
Right Arm Sage’s Bracelet (Int +1000)
Left Arm Spy’s Bracelet (Int +1000)
Body Wayfarer’s Clothes
Legs Wayfarer’s Shoes

B1: As you wish, Milady

T: Supreme King’s Advisor (Self-Appointed) Diina joins the party!


Sfx: Bwoosh

B1: Ah!
B1b: There she is!

B2: Lufasu-sama!!

Sfx: Bwooosh

B3: Then we’re going to land now

B4: What was the Meteor just now all about?

B5: I feel a disturbance in Mana here…

B6: Ah…
B6b: It’s you guys, huh…

B7b: This is bad…


B1: Now what should I tell them to hide the fact that I just fought Diina at this place…

B2: I guess I’ll just say that a mysterious force launched their attack towards Gjallarhorn or something

B3: Come to think of it…

B4: The real reason behind their civil war, their hatred towards each other hasn’t resolved yet, right..?

B5: I wonder how long would this civil war continue
B5b: But then again, it’s not something that can be solved by outsiders like us

B6: So what will you do…

B7: …Merak?


B1: Your Majesty! This is just too cruel!!

B2: We did all of that for the better future of this Kingdom, Your Majesty!

B3: Certainly, we might have been deceived by that Demonfolk…

B4: But that was because we wanted this kingdom to be better, and you didn’t even hear our pleads, Your Majesty!!


B1: This is the result of my weakness

B2: My timidness incited the arrogance inside their hearts and made them this way

B3: So…
B3b: Are you taking me for a fool because you guys “mistakenly” defeated me?

B4: You are one of the heroes who defeated this Lufasu Mafaalu

B5: I will not allow this pathetic whimpering of yours to continue any longer

B6: So do the rest with your own power…

B7: Proud Skywing King

B8: And I hope you won’t make me a fool any longer
B8b: Because you’re a man who won against me

H: Sigh…

B9: You lot…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B10: Who gave you permission to open your noisy mouths?


B1: I believe I haven’t even allowed you to rise your head either…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B2: Furthermore, you disregarded my order and did as you pleased, but now you want me to take the responsibility?

B3: Then I can take it as you don’t mind losing your head for the sin of insulting the King, right?

B4: M-…
B4b: My Lord…

B5: I have been very generous toward you fools
B5b: I accepted your kind to live in my kingdom when you lost your old home

B6: I’ve forgiven some of your rudeness and acted so you could feel at home here

B7: However…

B8: It would seem that I was wrong

T: Skywing Race Racial Skill Intimidation
*A Skywing Race exclusive skill that is able to make opponent up to certain level cower in fear


B1: Don’t think that I will be kind to trashes like you forever

Sfx: Fwooosh


H: Phew…

B1: As I thought, I don’t like acting like this
B1b: But this is also the duty and responsibility of a King, so his vassals won’t look down on him

B2: And all of this happened because I neglected that very duty

B3: This is good enough, right Lufasu..?

B4: There are still a lot of problems here, but I’ll show you that I’ll get over them all…

H: Because you definitely are not a fool

B5: That’s why, don’t mind about me
B5b: And please keep moving forward


Sfx: Vroooom

B1: Just now…

B2: This feeling…
B2b: It’s Merak’s Intimidation, huh…


B1: For now, I’ve done everything that I wanted to do in Gjallarhorn

B2: I’ve met Merak and successfully recruited Aigokeros back

Sfx: Glance

B3: However…

B4: Even though I just recruited 3 out of 12, isn’t it getting too cramped in here?

B5: Crunch

B6: Considering that we’ll have more people in the future, seems like there is a real need to improve Tanaka soon

B7: And if I make the inside larger…
B7b: Perhaps I should go all the way and install jets on Tanaka too?

H: Tanaka Jet
(Temp. Image)

B8: By the way, Aigokeros


B1: Do you have any useful information?
B1b: I’m sure you’ve heard various things when you worked with those Demonfolks

B2: Crunch
B2b: Crunch

B3: Munch

T: Aigokeros’ Favorite

B4: Hmm, let’s see…
B4b: There was this rumor that the Demonfolks often talked about before

B5: It seems that Lævateinn has started to move

Sfx: Vrooom

B6: Lævateinn?

B7: It’s a Kingdom of Sword that was founded by one of the 7 Heroes, Sword King Alioth
B7b: It’s the kingdom in the west where you were summoned, Lufasu-sama

B8: Ah…
B8b: That place, huh…

B9: Now that she mentioned it, I did trouble the people there, didn’t I…

B10: Well…
B10b: It’s not that important rumor for us, but…

B11: I think it’s better for you to hear about this, Milady


B1: Because it seems like Lævateinn has finally succeeded in summoning a “Hero”

B2: Let’s go back to

B3: When Lufasu was in The Black Winged Royal Tomb


B1: Lævateinn

B2: Throne Room

Sfx: Bwooooosh

B3; Ooooh!!

B4: Could it be..!?

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B5: I…
B5b: I did it…

B6: I finally did it, Your Majesty..!!

B7: The Hero Summoning Ritual…

B8: Is a success this time..!!


B1: Where…

B2: Is this..?

H: The one who appeared is a normal high school boy in a uniform..!?

T: To be continued on 12/7th (Fri)