Yuusha no mago to maou no musume Chapter 1

Yuusha no mago to maou no musume Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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Page 2+3:
A dragon?

That’s first one I’ve seen in this forest

It’s been 50 years…

This place has changed a lot

Page 4:

After the yuusha defeated the maou, we devils lost

Our kingdom

But we didn’t hold a grudge against humans because of that

We lost the war

If we held a grudge then it would be rude to our fallen comrades…

…a shoe?

It’s so small and cute…but also pretty new

Page 5:

A skirt?

Did someone jump into the lake where monsters live?                         No…I don’t think someone would want to risk their life…

There really is one-!?

Page 6:

A dead body…!?

Hey wake up                                     I’m coming to save you!

Thank goodness, you’re still breathing…

Page 7:

A human with black hair…

Is that…a katana…?

Page 8:

Please share your food with me


“chew”…thank god you’re a nice person

Page 9:

What are you doing in this forest?

This is not a place for kids

I’m already an adult!

Don’t lie…you’re 10 no 9 years old no matter how I look

…I was going on a journey, but my food ran out so I was just trying to catch some fish                                         by jumping into the water

Page 10:

When you were passing by, I felt so hungry that everything around me was disappearing…

Ah…just thinking about it makes me feel scared…


Well…you don’t seem to be hurt and I’m in a hurry so good bye…

Although the monsters around here won’t attack, you should still leave the forest before it gets dark

A black haired girl huh?

I’m a little curious…but she has nothing to do with me anyway…

Page 11:

Don’t leave me alone…

This will only buy some time…

Three more times…

If I get hungry like that again…

Page 12:

I can’t become the yuusha anymore…

If you get hungry…

You will turn into a berserker right?

Page 13:

So…it’s not only the yuusha

To think even his descendant would inherit such an ability

Page 14:

…Why…                               grampa said that was a secret for only our lineage to know about…

Can a devil read minds?

No…it’s just that I’ve seen it before


Then there’s no need to hide it from you                                     Like you’ve guessed, after my grandfather defeated the maou, he was cursed by the maou

My father and brother are just like my grandfather, once they get hungry they will turn into a berserker but for some reason

I’ll get younger

Page 15:
each time my stomach growls, I become 3 years younger

If it were to happen 6 times then…

It’s hard to believe that you get younger instead of turning into a berserker but                               is the way to return to normal the same as the others…?


If I eat until I’m full again then…!


This is…

But I thought I just ate something so it won’t happen for a while…

Page 16:
Umm…Please put me down

My panties are…

That was surprising …to think you would get this much younger…                                       I’ve never seen this kind of magic before

How does it even work?

Page 17:
Oh yeah, those guys really like eating kids…                             they must have gotten your scent and gathered here

Didn’t you say there was no need to worry about the monsters here?

We’re surrounded…

Don’t be afraid, with only these guys, I’m more than enough

You just need to stay still

Page 19:

a…giant frog                                     are you still okay dealing with that alone?


Page 20:

Great…now you’re gonna have lots of meat to eat

We’ll get eaten…                                         we should just run, there’s too many

The monsters are drawn to me                                           so you should just run away alone

With courage there is hope…                                            don’t be scared

Or you will lose your chances of winning

Page 21:
Grampa’s word…

You can just throw me away, someone you don’t even know about…but why are you trying to save me

Why did you choose to fight instead of running away?

She is even more of a yuusha than I am

I don’t want this body

I don’t want to eat anymore

I’ve gone all this way to change myself as someone who can only cry, but


Please put me down

Page 22:

I will also fight


You’re gonna fight in that body?

You don’t have the power of a berserker right?

…yes and because I’ve become smaller, I’m weaker than before


Page 23:

Then why…

That is because

I’m the granddaughter of a yuusha

Page 24:

With courage there is hope

Thanks to you, I’ve remembered grampa’s word            s                                  I won’t talk about running away anymore

I am Sakurako

Let us strengthen our resolve and grab onto hope

Page 25:

I can’t always be protected…I will also

Page 26:
head forward…!

Page 27:
…what…what was…that…                                    that startled me…

Welcome back

Welcome back

Page 28:
what’s going on now?                                              The frogs are forming a chorus….!!
This girl…

What kind of an attack is this?

Can’t understand what the monsters are saying?

Even though she has the same black hair                         she is different from that man…

Page 29:
Nooooo                                              don’t come near me…

Page 30:

…Calm down                                    they mean you no harm

Looks like they want to be friends…

Become friends? Why…

Page 31:

They seem…to like you


Having the same scent as the maou…there’s no mistake, your highness…

The maou’s daughter Dakuneria

Page 32:

Oh…so you want to return this desolated land that is ruled by the humans to once again                                      ruled by devils, right?

We really appreciate that

…sorry, I don’t intend to do that

Could it be they’re talking to each other?

Then why did you return here?

Page 33:

That is…

This is an unusual smell

Page 34:
Is this yours and the black yuusha’s daughter?


Stop saying nonsense!

Who would get involved with that man…

Beside I don’t know you…                                     you dare to speak of…

What’s wrong? There’s nothing to be scared…

Page 35:

…My stomach…is going to growl again…


Is there anything that this girl can eat around here?

If there is then tell me

It’s not like there’s nothing

But if you’re willing to listen to me then I will give the human girl something to eat

Page 36:
-there is a monster I want you both to kill

With yours and the black yuusha’s power, it shouldn’t be hard

Page 37:
I was told to clean myself while waiting until the food is done…


But I feel bad cause I’m the only one not doing anything…

Page 38:

I’m washing myself so stop touching me with your slimy palms!

Look like she’s already getting along with the kids…what a strange girl


(I can’t see the small text)

I will take full responsibility and fulfill what you said so I’m gonna take this without reserve but…


Page 39:
is your tail gonna be okay?

Oh                               this is only a small price to keep my children safe

On the other hand, why are you saving a human child that is not yours?

Hey watch where you’re touching me

That child has the blood of the man who killed your father

Well…who knows…

Page 40:
the smell of roasted meat…

There’s so much!

Can I eat all of this!

Page 41:
Of course

I cooked them for you

With these

I can return to normal

Thank you for the food-


So how does it taste?

There is…no taste….

Page 42:
There’s no seasoning so it’s not weird to not have any flavor

This…what kind of meat is this…

It’s so tough and above all this fishy smell…

You’re eating a tail

This is just gross…


This is not food for humans to eat…

Does it…taste bad…?

I have never cooked anything before so I just did exactly what the frog said…

You shouldn’t have asked the frog~

Wait…this was made entirely for my sake, can I just leave it?

If I were to do that, even if god forgive me, grampa would never forgive me

Page 43

Time to show off you heroic spirit Sakurako…!

Such a distinguished taste…

Someone who can’t tell a lie

So you like it

Page 44:


This is surprising

After eating my meat, a small girl became an adult

Yes! I’ve turned back                                  this is the first time I’ve turned back this fast, this meat must have a really high nutritional value

This is the real me

Page 45:
Sakurako, 18 years old, a yuusha apprentice

To undo the curse that was placed on my family,                                               I’m going on a journey to find the maou’s heritage!

Page 46:

The maou’s heritage…

That is the last interesting thing left nowadays…


Kurone…                                           Looks like this is as far as I’ll get…being unable to get my hands on the heritage will be my last regret

But I’m happy that I was able to meet an amazing partner like you…


Page 47:
Wait…I will give you something to eat right now

Page 48:
that is…

What? If you try stopping me                                             I’ll kill you

Ah…no it’s not that                                     I just don’t recommend using that…

Page 49:
Of course, I can’t let Jan eat                                               this lump of meat

Without properly cooking it!